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A Dynamic Duo for Skin: Real Fresh Foam Blueberry & Real Cica Pad by Jane

A Dynamic Duo for Skin: Real Fresh Foam Blueberry & Real Cica Pad 

By Jane (The Glam Gamer)

Real Fresh Foam Blueberry and Real Cica Pad Review

With the weather beginning to hint at springtime, humidity is coming out of its semi-hibernation. That means it’s time for cleansers that are lightweight yet thorough and make my feel fresh. It’s also time for gentle exfoliation, i.e., a spring cleaning for my skin.

I’ve recently discovered 2 products that do just what I need: Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser Blueberry ($19 and Neogen Real Cica Pad ($20


Neogen Real Fresh Foam Blueberry:

Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser Blueberry is a liquid cleanser that instantly foams when you pump it out. The foam has a soft consistency that feels creamy once it’s applied to your dampened face.

 Real Fresh Foam Blueberry

Real Fresh Foam Blueberry

I use this cleanser at night as a second cleanse after an oil-balm type cleanser. Two pumps of foam will give you all you need for a cleansing. It feels very good on my skin and thoroughly removes any balm residue. Afterwards my skin felt soft, smooth and fresh. I like that it’s formulated with real blueberries (blueberries are the first ingredient and there are actual blueberries in it) and packed with antioxidant goodness and hydration. As a morning cleanse it is gentle and leaves my face feeling supple and deep clean without stripping my natural skin moisture barrier.

Other botanical and herbal ingredients include rice bran extract and fermented soy extract for brightening and keeping skin tone even. Argan kernel extract, banana fruit extract, mango extract, coconut and linseed extract help hydrate. Citrus extracts like lemon, orange, grapefruit, mango and papaya help gently exfoliate. Extracts of black currant and grape provide more antioxidant care while cucumber and witch hazel soothe.

My skin is oily and this cleanser helped balance it with a hydration that did not cause any excess oily feeling. It rinses away clean without irritation. The formulation is suitable for all skin types.


Neogen Real Cica Pad: 

Neogen Real Cica Pad helps the skin barrier recover and stay intact while gently getting rid of dead skin cells and excess sebum. They are formulated with Centella asiatica extract, an ingredient well-known for soothing and healing. The PHA (polyhydroxy acid) exfoliation is extra gentle and exfoliates without any irritation or redness. Over time skin tone evens out and is more balanced. Use once a day, preferably night after cleansing. You can follow with toning and your regular skin care routine.

 Real Cica Pad review

Real Cica Pad review

I really like these pads because they did an amazing job of exfoliating around my nose when I had a cold. You know how blowing your nose can irritate your nostril area and leave it feeling sore, red and peeling? NO fun. I used the pad on my face and saved my nose area for last. When I used the pad on this area it did not sting or burn in any way. It actually felt soothing. I saw a noticeable difference the next morning around my nostrils. I had less redness, less peeling and it wasn’t as sore. They worked very well for the rest of my face as well. My skin is bright, smooth and clear. 

The pads have a soft texture that helps the exfoliation process without feeling rough against the skin. After using a pad on my face and neck, I patted in the excess essence on my face and it left my skin feeling smooth, softly matte and not at all oily. You get both exfoliation and hydration with these pads. The formula contains no artificial ingredients, fragrance, color or preservatives. These pads are suitable for all skin types.


Neogen makes some great products and these are 2 of them. These are products that will stay in my skin care collection because, for me, they are absolutely worth having. They work as promised and I see results.

As always, thank you for reading. Remember, the truest form of beauty is a kind heart.

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