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Summer Skincare
Perfect Essentials

All the sweating, oily and greasy feeling make you hesitant to apply moisturizing products in fear of possible breakouts or causing more oiliness to your skin.  But the reality is that our skin is probably extremely dehydrated and dry during the summer because we lose a lot more water from sweating and exposure to the sun and heat. We also don't realize that that oily shine we have, is just an indication of oil and that the moisture levels in our skin have nothing to do with the oil levels of our skin.  That is why it is ideal to find a perfectly hydrating moisturizer that will replenish moisture without making your skin oily. 

And water-based moisturizers might just be your ideal solution to proper summer skin hydration and nourishment without the fear of breakouts and oiliness. Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream packs an abundant 119 natural ingredient formula in a water-based formula which feels like a hydro-gel rather than a heavy cream moisturizer.  But don't let the hydro-gel like texture fool you because this formula will pack in an effective punch of moisture as well as anti-oxidant benefits of anthocyanins found in natural black ingredients like blackberries, black sesame, and etc. for ultimate skin transformation!

If you're struggling with sunken complexion and prone to pigment damage easily, try the Neogen Code9 White Sparkling Cream as your summer moisturizer! White Capsules formulated with a special white flower complex delivers the complexion brightening strength of white flower extracts with a kick of moisture delivered by the hydrating moisture capsules!  Further age-fighting and brightening ingredients like Glutathione will most definitely keep you properly hydrated and your complexion radiantly lifted all summer long! Wearing heavy foundation or cover-up during the hot summer can feel quite heavy on your skin, not to mention how paranoid you can get trying to make sure your makeup isn't running.  It is also unattractive to wipe your forehead and reveal this huge foundation stain on your napkin, alerting the whole world about how much makeup you are wearing. So take the load off and use Lemonis Waterfull Hydrating BB which is a water-based bb that is a universal sheer-natural coverage. It also doesn't hurt that it leaves your skin with this dewy-glow finish while delivering SPF50/PA+++ protection against the sun!


If you're not a big foundation type of gal or a huge outdoor runner that just likes to stick to applying the basics, these are some perfect summer skincare you should definitely have in your skincare routine.

SPF is actually something everyone should apply everyday, but it gets tricky to apply SPF in the summer because a lot of them tend to clog the pores or feel greasy.  But the Neogen Code9 UV Defense Longlasting Protector will wash all those concerns away. Using a water-based formula with water capsules containing additional ingredients like adenosine, niacinamide, and glacier water, it delivers anti-aging benefits with long-lasting hydrated SPF50/PA+++ sun protection for your skin!  The incredibly moisturizing water-based formula also leaves the skin feeling fresh and glowy without feeling oily.  You skin will glow like a goddess under the sun without the worry of sun damage!





Enjoying a nice brunch or picnic under the sunny highs can feel amazing, but can really increase a lot of heat to your skin temperature.  And leaving the skin heated for sustained periods of time causes accelerated aging in the skin as well as stretched out pores.  So let's make sure to cool that skin down by trying some cooling, after-sun skincare.

Tighten, tighten and tighten those stretched out pores after long periods of heat exposure using the Neogen Code9 Glacial Magic Pore Gel.  Mineral-abundant and pure hydrogen-rich glacial waters with pore tightening and refining natural ingredient complex formula will deliver refining hydration while minimizing those stretched out pores!



If you're lazy after a long day at the beach, just slap on a Sur.Medic Hydro-Hyaluronic Sheet Mask for pure, cooling hydration or the Sur.Medic Pore-Less Carbonic-Peel Sheet Mask for oil/sebum de-congesting hydration!