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New Year, New Skin: Neogen 10-Step Skincare Routine 2

New Year, New Skin: Neogen 10-Step Skincare Routine <2>

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6.Serum- White truffle serum in Oil Drop

Serum is a concentrated skincare product to intensively care your concerns and skin. The texture is usually thicker than a type of essence, and it is used as an intensive treatment for the skin.

White Truffle Serum in Oil drop provides intensive benefits of hydrating and brightening. It is enriched with precious White Truffle ingredient, which improves stressed, tired, and dark dull skin while powerfully hydrating your skin. Its unique light texture is instantly absorbed to the skin without leaving stickiness, you can achieve a dewy glowing, and radian skin.

7.Moisturizer-Black Volume Cream

Moisturizer helps us keep the balance of our skin, preventing extreme dryness and oiliness, so it is important for us to increase moisture level for all seasons! And especially in winter, the cold weather and wind easily make skin dry, flaky, and cracky, and the heat on indoors makes skin dry out. So moisturize your skin everyday to remove away flaking, dullness, and dryness.

Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream is packed with 119 natural ingredients, which deliver abundant benefits of hydrating, plumping, and volumizing your skin. It provides clinical test proven 50 hour hydrating glow, while improving fine lines, worry lines and wrinkles, so you can achieve a 24/7 dewy and youthful skin!

Tip: Massage your skin with moisturizer to boost your blood circulation!

8.Suncare – Day-Light Protection Sunscreen

The step of suncare is very important for all seasons. We have to prevent our skin from strong sun rays in even colder weather (One of the biggest mistakes people make is skipping a sunscreen in a cool weather), as UVA which causes wrinkles and fine lines is still stronger even in winter!

The Day Light Protection sunscreen offers an intensive protection against high UV rays. It also provides skin-soothing hydration while not clogging your pores to keep your skin moist and supple all day!

9.Mist - Sebum Clear Pore Mist

Mist is a great product to save your skin crisis in the middle of day. If you need to get rid of midday shine, this Neogen sebum clear pore mist helps you instantly moisturize your dry skin, as well as goodbye to oily and greasy skin in the middle of the day!

This Sebum Clear Pore mist is enriched with tea tree, green tea, and lime extracts, which perfectly refine the pores with a refreshing effect while the powder absorbs all that unwanted sebum for a matte and oil-free finish.

Tip: Shake well to mix upper toner part and bottom of powder part prior to use!


10.Sheet mask - Aqua Capsule Mask

Sheet Mask is one of the most famous K-beauty products, and as you know, sheet mask is the easiest and simplest product to give you additional hydration, glow, nutrients, and soothing benefit! 

This unique mask product provides a fun and innovative capsule to break right before use to provide the freshest ampoule for your skin! This Super Hydra Aqua Capsule Mask delivers the abundant hydration of the combined Hyaluronic acid aqua capsule ampoule and moisture aqua serum. It helps create a moisture barrier to protect the skin from outer environment for long-lasting, dewy glowing skin. 

Tip: Put cotton pads in sheet mask package to soak them in the remaining essence and keep it refrigerated for a while. Then apply it on your skin and leave it on your dry or flaky area. You can use them as simple quick masks in the middle of your skincare routine. (Check the video for more details: )

Hope you all have a new healthy skin for the new year!