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Neogen Sheet Mask Haul
By Michelle Winter

It seems like it’s been a while since I posted about sheet masks so here we go. I’m a huge fan of Korean brand Neogen and I’ve been lucky enough to find some of their sheet masks. Here’s my latest haul…

Ocean Feeding Fiber Sheet Masks, Neogen

Neogen Ocean Feeding Fiber Sheet Mask

I don’t know about you but my skin is often extremely dehydrated (yes, I know I need to drink more water) and the current weather changes aren’t helping. Until the weather gets better and my skin starts to feel more hydrated, I’m relying on these sheet masks.

They’re unbelievably good at boosting the moisture levels in my skin. Ingredients include kelp, squalene, undaria (edible seaweed) and witch hazel (this also happens to be the name of an amazing album by British actor Matt Berry, seriously check him out!) to refresh skin and prevent moisture loss. As with the other sheet masks in this post, I apply them for 15 minutes.

Neogen Ocean Feeding Fiber Sheet Mask_2

Neogen Ocean Feeding Fiber Sheet Mask_3

Afterwards I notice an immediate improvement in my skin. It looks plumper and more hydrated. These masks are made with a lovely, soft material and they’re a real pleasure to use.

I’m so impressed with these that I rbought three more boxes! I’m not even sorry…

Bright Clear Fiber Sheet Masks, Neogen

Neogen Bright Clear Fiber Sheet Masks

I love using sheet masks that brighten my skin and give me a radiant complexion. 

The aim of these is to eliminate dull skin. I’m pleased to say that they’re absolutely amazing. Not only does my skin look brighter, dewy and refreshed but these masks help conceal any tell-tale signs of a lack of sleep (I’m totally blaming binge-watching old episodes of Peep Show and Toast of London for that). Any rough patches on my cheeks are visibly less noticeable too. Result.

Neogen Bright Clear Fiber Sheet Masks_2

Neogen Bright Clear Fiber Sheet Masks_3

Ingredients include mulberry, peony root and plum to brighten and moisturize my skin. As with the other masks in this post, there’s plenty of leftover essence (this one is milky) which I often decanter into a small beauty bottle. I’m not ashamed to admit that once I love a beauty product, I often buy it in bulk. Hence why I had to return to mall to buy more.

Collagen Firming Fiber Sheet Masks, Neogen

Neogen Collagen Firming Sheet Masks

As a self-confessed sheet mask addict (darling readers, please tell me I’m not alone in this predicament!), I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been dying to try these masks. With good reason too.

Neogen Collagen Firming Sheet Masks_2

They aim to tackle fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing parched skin. Sometimes beauty products can struggle to live up to their hype but not these. My skin looks glorious after using these a few times a week. It’s noticeably healthier and firm. These are just fantastic.

Neogen Collagen Firming Sheet Masks_3

Neogen Collagen Firming Sheet Masks_4

Ingredients like collagen, beta-glucan and panthenol help restore my skin and make it smoother and firmer. I would definitely buy these again in the future!

Neogen Sheet masks

All of these sheet masks are very gentle on my skin (and fit my face perfectly!), hence why they’ll all hold a special place in my beauty junkie heart.


By Michelle Winter, Glitterball Magazine