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Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine Review
BY Sarirah Hamid

Bio peel gauze peeling pad wine_1

NEOGEN Dermalogy is a slightly more underground Korean skincare brand that's finally making its way into the spotlight. I first heard about this brand via Soko Glam's blog (The Klog) and was convinced I needed their star product, the exfoliating pads, in my skincare stash. They are highly acclaimed for their innovations in skincare (backed up by thorough clinical testing) and have an amazing research and development team behind them. I believe that some of the larger brands also use their innovations so that's definitely saying something.


Originally, this post was supposed to highlight many NEOGEN products but because I have so much to say about the Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine it's getting its own blog post alongside a standing ovation.

A tub of NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine contains 30 decent sized exfoliating pads that have been drenched to the max in a formula rich in active and beneficial ingredients. So much so, there's actually un-absorbed liquid from this chemical exfoliant dancing freely at the bottom of the tub. You could probably soak a couple of your own cotton pads in there after you finish these.



Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine_2

This is the perfect marriage of both chemical and physical exfoliation. Each pad is more like a sleeve big enough to fit 2-3 fingers in. There are two sides to each pad. The first is the crossed side which looks like gauze (hence the name) and the other side is soft and quilted and works well on areas of very sensitive skin. Together, each individual pad is created with what they call their 3-layer pad technology. 



This stuff smells amazing! It smells just like a fresh, clean and crisp grape juice. Nothing over powering that lasts on the skin though. It would make sense it would smell like grapes because the main star ingredient in this is resveratrol which contains natural AHAs. Resveratrol is the product of naturally fermenting red wine and is also a great antioxidant.

Lactic, glycolic and tartaric acid (naturally occurring in grapes) are also present in this chemical exfoliating concoction. We also have some other quality ingredient additions:

Blueberry Extract (containing vitamins A and C)

Raspberry Extract (antioxidant, antibacterial)

Grape Seed



On cleansed skin, start with the gauze side and lightly massage in circulation motions over the skin. I like to pay a bit more attention to my nose, chin and jaw line to help with acne and improving skin texture. You will actually see dead skin and other debris caught in the gauze which is rather satisfying. Better on the pad than still on your skin!

Then use the smooth side of the pad in light sweeping motions to give the skin a final once over and remove any more excess unwanted dead skin or gunk. Then splash your face with water to cleanse off the excess product from the skin. I also like to take the pad down the neck and over the chest and back (where I can reach). It’s great for any spots or bumpy skin in these areas.  

Bio-peel Gauze Peeling pad wine_3


I’ve been using these once a week and then upgraded to twice a week after two weeks (for nearly 5 weeks now). As a physical exfoliant, these NEOGEN exfoliating pads absolutely work and you can see (on the pad) and feel the results. My skin felt smoother and with the circular motions for application I think it helped plump up and rejuvenate my skin by circulating the blood flow better.

Don’t forget to rinse your skin after using otherwise it will feel tacky once the formula has dried. This is most definitely treatment product and not like a toning pad. You may also notice faint lines on your skin (I got them on my forehead) due to using the gauze side of the pad but these disappear quickly.

With a concoction of good acids injected into each pad, I’m not surprised that this is also a badass chemical exfoliant that actually surpasses my favorite Glow Tonic. Although it’s not something I’d recommend using daily (especially for sensitive skins or those with a budget), its short term use sees incredible results.

My skin looks brighter and more radiant which I love as a pursuer of forever glowing skin. The texture of my skin around the t-zone is much more refined and it would speed up the turnaround time of blemishes and encourage less scarring. It makes my other skincare products apply beautifully and has given my skin an all-round healthy glow. NEOGEN, I completely understand why the beauty industry is shouting your name.


By Sarirah Hamid,
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