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Men's Skincare
Products Ideal for Men

So given that the symbolic day where we appreciate the man in our lives aka father's day is coming up, I decided to do a post on ideal products for men.  And to be honest, they need a woman's help on this subject matter.  

Men on average produce more oil and sebum because they possess more oil glands which are activated by testosterone.  And as you know, testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, which means men tend to experience more active oil and sebum production in their skin.  This is why men especially struggle with acne/oil problems after puberty and continue to struggle with these issues even into later adulthood.  The higher oil/sebum production is also part of the reason to why men tend to have more visible and larger pores than woman on average.

Enlarged pores can lead to uneven, rough texture in the skin as well as causing your skin to be more prone to pore clogging and congestion which could lead to acne breakouts if not managed properly.  Enlarged pores also make men the target to frequent visible blackheads and whiteheads caused by the impurities lodged in the pore openings.  That is why clay cleansers can be especially ideal for men.  

Clays tend to have the natural characteristic of pulling toxins from the body and skin as well as effectively absorbing oil, dirt and impurities from deep within the pores.  It is an ideal ingredient for managing healthy sebum and oil levels and production in the skin. Furthermore clay derived from glaciers tend to be rich in minerals that deliver a mineral abundant pore cleansing benefit.  There are many clay cleansers in the market and if you are located in the U.S., you can find the trending Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser in your nearest Sephora store.  

This cleanser uses Canadian glacial clay which is a mineral-rich clay with excellent dirt, oil, impurity capturing properties incorporated in an innovative mask to foam cleanser formula which carbonates upon application.  Further combining the cleanser with the Magic Pore Brush helps maximize deep pore cleansing benefits while promoting healthier blood and oxygen circulation in the skin.  This pore brush could also double as a great brush for creating lather for your shaving routine!  An awesome cleansing combo for a father's day gift!