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Hydrogen: your secret weapon
behind hydrated and plump skin

Hydrogen: your secret weapon behind hydrated and plump skin

by Carolina Malis

I’ve said it before: my skin is not only combo but also very sensitive, and rosacea + acne prone… yeah, yeah, someone decided to add a little bit everything during the DNA distribution. Thing is for many year I just catalogued my skin as oily, because I used to think that was my one and only skin concern and that every other problem was a consequence of the oiliness. Oh, how wrong was I.


When I discovered all those categories I had to take care of my life became… yeah, a little busier but also skin anxiety dimmed down. I finally realized exfoliating with I’m-made-with-the-roughest-pieces-of-sand scrubs and washing my face with I-can’t-move-my-face-because-of-the-amount-of-alcohol-in-this cleansers was not the answer to my problems, but the reason why I was making it all worse.


My skin was screaming for hydration. When in high school or even when visiting the dermatologist, no one explained to me how important hydration was when trying to getting rid of acne. I thought to myself: “I have oily skin, I need to get rid of the oil in order to make it better”... Poor, naive and clueless teenager Carolina. That's why when I was introduced to serums and mists and how they were a big part of the answer to avoid dehydration I immediately fell in love.

Now, we all love it when the master minds behind K-beauty manage to successfully merge two or more skincare steps into one, and that’s exactly what Neogen just did, getting awards and standing ovations throughout the process.


The H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray is - as its name suggests - a spray-type serum that not only hydrates but also repairs skin in a flash. It’s formulated with niacinamide and vitamin C to make skin brighter and keep the appearance of aging signs at bay, Centella Asiatica to help calm down the skin, control inflammation and redness and stimulate cell growth, ergo, skin healing at its best; and last but not least, hydrogen, and here’s when things get fun.


For the longest time now, experts have been obsessed with the benefits Hydrogen can bring to our health and beauty, and that's how this element became of interest in the beauty industry. Hydrogen is not only ready to fight off free radical damage with all its power but it also helps cells during their collagen production, AKA, bye bye bye wrinkles, bye bye bye fine lines. All this qualities not only make this Serum a must for the new season but also a -very well deserved - Sokoglam Best of K-beauty Awards’s winner on 2017! Yep, that's how good this is.


Personally I like to apply it right after my essence and then sometimes after my sunscreen, right before makeup. It’s very light textured but somehow extremely powerful. It has a duality to it that I really enjoy: It’s thick and light at the same time, really easy to spread and absorb but doesn’t feel like just water. Plus, of course I carry it with me for reapplication throughout the day in case I’m in need of a little extra hydration, specially now that the air is getting drier by the day and the cold weather threatens our skin moisture.