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Hinoki Foot Spa
Perfect Footcare Program

The Hinoki Foot Spa Program is as easy to use as 1-2-3 using an easy to follow 3-step instructions accompanied by the signature Hinoki Foot Spa Remover Water, Remover Stone Powder Pad&Holder and Heel Patch.  



Additionally using clinically tested formulas that have been tested to be non skin-irritant, proven for effective improvement results and formulated without skin harmful chemicals; the Hinoki Foot Spa program is safe and effective for even the sensitive skin.  Formula ingredients featuring the Japanese Cypress Hinoki combined with over 30 other natural ingredients that also contain aroma therapy benefits ensure you not only receive physical spa benefits but also the aromatherapy benefits during your foot spa experience.



The program starts with an easy spritz of a removal water featuring hinoki water and other natural ingredients that help soften dead skin cells and refresh your feet from fatigue.



After spritzing the removal water and letting the water fully soak and saturate your feet, move to the next step to buff and exfoliate your feet to silky smoothness using the ergonomically designed pad holder and remover stone powder pads!


So smooth and soft like a baby's bottom!  But don't get too excited as there is one more step which is the heel patch!  Now that you sloughed off all the dead skin and rough flaking skin; it's nice for you to fully moisturize those heels to perfection!


So step into sandal ready feet with this amazing 3-Step Hinoki Foot Spa Program where you can effortlessly achieve spa quality results at the convenience of your own home!  No more hassle of appointments and long waits to get perfectly polished feet! Furthermore, enjoy the economic perks of the spa results at the privacy and convenience of your own home vs. public spas and salons!