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At the Moment

The recently launched white truffle series products from the Neogen Dermalogy brand has been receiving a lot of attention! Like the popular South Korean catchphrase 'Instead of eating, apply them to your skin', most of our skin beneficial ingredients are extracted from various natural ingredients that we consume in our diet.  So isn't it a given that the mineral and vitamin abundant, amino acid rich truffle is definitely amazing for skincare?

Photo Credit: Neogen_friends

The rare and expensive truffle has been used as a culinary ingredient since the 18th century, but people rarely know the fact that it has also been used as a effective skincare ingredient as early as the 1950s.  The 'white' truffle in particular contains especially higher levels of these beneficial ingredients, which is why they are also often referred to as "diamonds of the land".  Despite the excellent skincare benefits, it is rare to find many products in the market made with white truffles.



But at Neogen Dermalogy, they are taking an interesting approach to packaging and formula concepts to deliver the skincare benefits of white truffle.  The white truffle product series consisting of products like the laycure oil stick, oil balm pact, and the serum in oil drop; delivers an innovative skincare system for before and after makeup and even throughout the day.  

From left: white truffle serum in oil drop, laycure oil stick, oil balm pact

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Further applying patented formula technology that delivers the intense hydration of oil encapsulated with moisture, delivers the rich hydration of oil on the skin with a finish that is fresh, clean and moistful like water.  Incorporation of additional patented formulations that mimic the human skin structure maximizes the skin absorption and skin compatibility; resulting in a product that flaunts increased penetration and seamless absorption into the skin.  


With amazing product performance and the innovative application of exclusive technology for delivering the white truffle skin benefits; the white truffle series has quickly become a favorite among the beauty aficionados of all skin types and sensitivity.  

Neogen 2016 spokesmodel, Honey Lee introduces white truffles

Photo Credit: JTVC | Please Take Care of My Refrigerator


For those of you who routinely enjoy a sheet mask at night, you can also find the white truffle ingredient featured in the White Truffle Hydramax Knit Mask which has been launched separately with the latest trending Neogen Dermalogy Knit Masks which you can learn more about in our upcoming NEO | TRENDING column.