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Coming Soon:Sur.Medic
Modeling MasCream

Some of the K-beauty fans might already be familiar with the Sur.Medic brand through its exposure on various social media posts and it's official brand featured sale on

Sur.Medic brand originally launched with a product line-up featuring an impressive yet economic sheet mask line boasting high-performance, clinically-tested, skin improvement results.  Providing consumers with clinically-proven skin-improvement, quality formula and product integrity at a competitive pricing; the brand quickly became a favorite of the skincare community in both the mass market and exclusive drugstore retail channels.

And to follow-up to their successful line of sheet masks, they recently launched a new type of mask product called the Modeling MasCream.  The Modeling MasCream comes in 3 different types:

Intensive Firming Sauce Modeling MasCream
Intensive Moist Sauce Modeling MasCream
Intensive Radiance Sauce Modeling MasCream
So why the "Sauce?"  Well, because the mixed product is similar consistency, texture and concentration to a sauce.


Unlike the older generation modeling masks which used a messy powder and liquid/water formula, the Modeling MasCream uses a mess-free serum and cream formula.  Unlike the older powder+water modeling masks, there is no worry of mess or formula failure from incorrect formula ratio; thanks to the pre-measured and packaged mess-free serum and cream.

Are you already excited to see and learn more about the Modeling MasCream? Then stay updated on our Dermalog as we will be posting more information on the Modeling MasCream as we launch into various global retailers. Also don't forget to tune into our FB live and youtube channel DermaTv as we update weekly videos and topics of news, product details and updates on Neogen brand products!