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Double Cleansing

The practice of double cleansing could even be traced back in Japan's earlier beauty routines where double cleansing was born out of necessity to effectively help remove and clean the white paint-like facial makeup that was a popular earlier make-up trend across Japan.

The objective of the double cleansing routine is supposed to achieve completely squeaky clean removal of makeup, dirt and impurities on the skin.  

And this is how: The overall 2-step cleansing system follows the concept of commonly using an oil-based cleanser to do a 1st round of pre-cleansing that dissolves and breaks down any makeup and impurities on the face, followed by and 2nd step of using a water-based cleanser to further ensure complete cleansing of impurities, oils, dirt and makeup from the face.


1st cleanse:

Helps to deliver an initial round of cleansing to breakdown stubborn makeup and dirt on the skin.  Many often use an oil-based cleanser in the 1st cleanse, but there are many micellar water cleansers in the market such as the Neogen Dermalogy Real Flower Cleansing Water for those who don't like the texture of oil like myself.

2nd Cleanse:

Delivers a 2nd and final cleanse using a water-based cleanser to ensure all dirt and impurities are completely removed from the skin and pores through a nice lather.  For sensitive skin types, the Neogen Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam Cleansers are ideal as the gentle and smooth foam texture delivers reduced friction during your cleanse.  


If done correctly, you should not see any make-up stains or residue on your face towels! So if you do see any dirt or makeup stains when drying your face off with a towel after your double cleansing routine, it might mean you need to work on ensuring that each cleansing product is more thoroughly massaged in your 1st and 2nd cleansing steps.

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