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Real Ferment Micro Serum Review by Juhyun

Real Ferment Micro Serum Review

by Juhyun

Real Ferment Micro Serum

I’ve been using Neogen’s Real Ferment Micro Serum for only two weeks and I can already see the positive effects on my skin. The serum is very absorbent, smooth, and hydrating. When you first apply it to your hands, it seems sticky but you can realize it is not. The product spreads very nicely and absorbs instantly into my skin and doesn’t leave any sticky residue.

The serum also helps keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and I can feel that my skin gets firmer than before thanks to its formula containing Collagen. I can definitely see the skin improvements in the morning after using it before going to bed.

I especially have a sensitive skin, which is the main reason why I believe it perfectly fits on my skin. Its soft formula of the serum also works to soothe my skin and enhance my skin's natural strength without any irritations, so I feel that the skin is getting healthier.

Also, the great part of the serum I believe is that it goes well with day makeup. It helps me make a perfect skin canvas for makeup, and I can feel that my makeup with this serum gets more durable and more moisturized until the night.

Overall, Real Ferment Micro Serum is a very nice and dewy product, which is a great pair with my skin. I strongly recommend this product for sure!

Real Ferment Micro serum review

[Description of Product]

An intensive gel-type serum containing 61% natural fermented ingredients, and active ingredients like panthenol, collagen that quickly absorb into the skin to help reinforce skin elasticity while delivering instant hydration and skin radiance. This real fermented micro serum helps improve skin’s natural strength for firmer, brighter, and healthier looking skin.

Real Ferment Micro Serum

[How to Use]

Use this serum day in the morning and evening after toner. Pump the adequate amount of serum and gently sweep across the face lightly patting your skin until the serum is fully absorbed.


Available at Soko Glam