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Real Cica Pad
Review by Stella

REVIEW : Real Cica Pad Review


by Stella (Oh My Stellar!)


This product was provided to me by Neogen for my honest review. Affiliate links are not used in this post.

It took me so long to start using theseReal Cica Pads (because I have so many others open that I didn’t want anything to go to waste) but they’re so good that I regret waiting so long. I don’t know why I’m surprised though because Neogen’s Wine Peeling Padsare a favourite of mine – which I tend to save for when I want a special treatment for my skin. However, after using these, I think I might have a new favourite!

These were sent to me by Neogenfor review, so I didn’t actually know what they were until I went to check. They are essentially another skin peeling/exfoliating pad that also soothes and recovers irritated skin – meaning that it’s suitable for all skin types. They’re similar to the ones that I tried before, but more gentle and don’t seem to have the more abrasive, manual exfoliation side like the peeling pads. Instead, these are meant for daily use.

So, let’s kick right into this review because I’m really excited to be sharing this product and recommending this to others!



The Real Cica Pad comes in an opaque white plastic tub with a pink reflective label around it. The shape and form of the tub makes it easy to stack (which is useful when you have as many as I do) but I do prefer the transparent plastic tub that they used for the Peeling Pads– I just like to see inside of it so I know how much product is still in there. That being said, the quality of the packaging is good and feels sturdy too.

The tub has a weight of 150mL, or 90 pads, so you’re getting a lot for your money.  It would be suitable for travel, though there’s enough for three months use, so decanting it would be more weight friendly.

The tub comes sealed, but there’s no spatula or tweezer that comes with it, so I tend to just use my own. I don’t mind this so much because I have so many of them lying around but I can see how having one might be more handy for other people. The lid of the tub is also a little bit awkward to close and I’m thinking that this might be because manufacturing isn’t as perfectas it could be, but it isn’t a big enough deal for me to complain. I just have to ensure that it’s closed properly by checking the sides.



Product Description & Claims

A simple product description is found on the Neogenwebsite, but I actually prefer the following from Sokoglam, as I find it gives a little more information into the product. Here are the main points summarized:

  • Essence is formulated with Centella Asiatica extract (those with acne prone skin will be familiar with this) to smooth and soothe without irritation
  • Reduces redness and helps to promote collagen production for a strengthened skin barrier and more even complexion
  • Contains hyaluronic acid (my favourite)
  • Free of irritants like parabens, fragrances and mineral oil
  • Has a low pH so it is gentle enough for daily use
  • “Cica repair essence & PHA moisture peeling ingredient supplies skin-calming hydration while removing dead skin cells and excess sebum.” (from Neogenwebsite)

The Neogenwebsite also states: “1pad 1day routine! Grab this smart pad to pamper, soothe and smooth your sensitive, acne-prone, and irritated skin everyday!”

From here, you can see that this product has multiple functions but mainly focuses on hydration, soothing and providing gentle exfoliation. It is marketed as a daily use product, but I have actually heard that some people use it twice a day too. Personally, I like to use it in my night or day skincare routine once a day.

It has a lot of good ingredients, is easy to use and, in my opinion, can also give immediate and effective results.



Personal Experience

From when I first opened up the tub and removed the seal, I noticed that the essence seemed a bit thicker and more gel like than I am used to. I think that this is mainly because a lot of it is stuck to the pads. I would usually just apply to excess on my skin before hand or scrape it off so that I am only left with the soaked material.

When you look at it closely, you will see that there’s a gentle embossed pattern on the pad. One side is a little moreso than the other, and it just takes a moment to figure that out (because the difference is so minimal). I will generally use the more embossed side all over my face, gently rubbing in circular motions and focusing more on problem areas. Afterwards, I will use the smoother side to wipe over my skin to full remove dead skin. Patting in the rest of the product afterwards, it was happy to note that it also doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Unlike the Wine Peeling Padstoo, I didn’t need to wash my face after!

Once the product is fully absorbed, I find that it leaves my skin feeling supersoft and hydrated. In fact, the immediate difference in my complexion is so noticeable that I was actually amazed when I first used it! If I follow it up with my usual skincare routine, I notice that my skin feels extra hydrated and plump in the morning too. My overall complexion also seems to have brightened and feel healthier as well.



In my skincare routine, I will generally use this product after my toner and before everything else, since it fully absorbs into my skin and seems to also be effective that prepping it for maximum product absorption afterwards (because of the exfoliant). I’ve been using these every night for quite a while now and they’ve very quickly become a staple in my routine. On nights when I am feeling particularly tired and don’t want to use too many products, I will just use this and an emulsion and still feel like I’m looking my best the next morning!

It’s definitely a very effective but also gentle product. Unlike with the Peeling Padswhich should only be used twice or so a week, these can be used daily and I feel like those with more sensitive skin will also really appreciate this. The immediate effects of this is really incredible and, similarly to myself, I feel like people will be sold once they try it just once.

And so… here’s the verdict!


A gentle, daily exfoliation pad that also hydrates, soothes and strengthens skin


      • Generous tub (90 pads)
      • Hygienic (sealed shut)
      • Easy to use
      • Minimal to no discernible scent
      • Doesn’t leave any residue nor require washing off
      • Leaves skin super smooth and soft
      • Hydrates skin and soothes break out areas
      • Immediate effectiveness that does not wear off the next morning
      • Easy to work into your current routine
      • Suitable for daily use and sensitive skin types


      • Opaque tub that has a little bit of difficulty closing
      • Packaging can definitely be improved
      • No included tweezers
      • The embossed side is very similar to the softer side


      • PACKAGING | 3/5
      • PRICE POINT |4/5
      • SCENT | 5/5
      • EXFOLIATION | 5/5
      • HYDRATION | 5/5
      • SOOTHING| 4/5



Absolutely! I am so excited to recommend this to anyone who is looking for an exfoliation pad – especially those with sensitive skin because Centella Asiatica is amazingfor that, and Hyaluronic Acid is such an essential. I am personally in love with the results that I’ve seen from using this pad and I’ll definitely be keeping them in my skincare routine.

As I mentioned before, I also use the Wine Peeling Pads(and Neogenactually recently sent me the Lemon Peeling Padsto try as well) so I think that I will stick to using this Real Cica Padon most nights, and then the stronger ones just once a week or so. The fact that I don’t have to wash my face after using this is definitely a win for me.


If you want to get your hands on theReal Cica Padit is selling on the Neogen website for USD$20. Alternatively, you can also visit SokoGlam because they are also available there!