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Real Cica Pad
Review by Jin-a

Real Cica Pad Review by Jin-a


My skin has got easily dry, rough, dull, and dark in the end of day with day’s debris, skin wastes, and stress. But I recently met this holy grail product, and can say that my skin has got much much better. So if you are also looking for a smart item that can solve above problems, would be happy to introduce, Neogen Dermalogy REAL CICA PAD! Plus, if you have a sensitive skin, this could be the life-changing product.



Let’s find out how it effectively soothes and pampers the sensitized skin.

The 3 main benefits of REAL CICA PAD are calming hydration, strengthening the skin barrier and gentle exfoliation.

  • Calming hydration

It contains all 5 core Cica ingredients (Centella asiatica extract, Madecassoside, Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid, and Madecassic Acid) which help calm and soothe the sensitive and irritated skin.

  • Skin barrier recovery

It hydrates the skin with the formulated Allantoin, Panthenol, Ceramide, NMF and Hyaluronic acid while effectively protecting the skin from outer environment by strengthening the skin barrier and reinforcing the skin’s natural strength.

  • Gentle exfoliation

Super-fine fiber of the pads saturated in a high-concentrated Cica repair essence and NEOGEN PHATM help softly exfoliate the skin. It helps gently remove skin’s wastes, debris, and dust without irritating skin.



Why do I recommend REAL CICA PAD?

It is basically a daily toning pad, which helps smooth, hydrate the skin while helping remove your daily skin wastes and excess sebum. Some people might be worried if using these pads every day will be irritating the skin or not. But as I mentioned above, they are everyday toning pads, and its texture is soft and smooth. It will not strip or dry out the skin.

I feel that REAL CICA PAD is different from general pads. This pad is made of super-fine fiber, and its thin yet dense, strong microfiber structure can work perfectly onto the skin. Therefore, this pad can pamper, remove skin wastes and dead skin cells all the corners of the skin. In addition, they are free from artificial fragrances, pigments, and preservatives. It is completed human clinical test as a non-irritation product!



Changes after using Real Cica Pad for 10 days



My skin looked dry and rough. As you can see, I have a sensitive skin with redness.




After using the Real Cica Pad for 10 days, I found skin redness was reduced. Especially, it was effective on the side of the nose and the cheek. Overall facial skin tone was improved. There has been no irritation so far, and my skin texture was improved, looking smooth. I love the pads, they are super easy and simple to use.





How to use the REAL CICA PAD

After cleansing, gently smooth over face with the pad, avoiding eyes. Gently pat to promote absorption of remaining essence. Use once a day. (You don’t need to wash away.)

In addition, there are some tips to use this.



1. After cleansing, use the pad to make sure to cleanse makeup debris and skin        wastes all the corners of skin.

2. Use the pad to touch up the makeup while calming and hydrating skin.