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AHA and BHA are famous ingredients for peeling, AHA effectively clears away trapped dead skin cells, and BHA clarifies all pores, removing excess sebum. Surprisingly, this innovative mask type peeling product is enriched with both AHA and BHA, which allow you to easily peel away all impurities. Today, I would like to share my review about this smart and innovative mask! Let’s start!

This wash-off product provides a very easy and convenient way to exfoliate whiteheads, blackheads and dead skin cells. Especially for me, it is really good to clarify my pores around forehead, nose and chin, removing all skin wastes and excess sebum within pores.

Before applying, I cleansed my face, then applied this sheet mask onto entire face. It says when this unique peeling wash-off mask are exposed to air it starts to form micro oxygen bubbles that help remove away all impurities within pores.

And surprisingly, lots of oxygen bubbles were formed on the mask. As the bubbles were formed, I could hear the bubbling sound, and I actually enjoyed hearing that. It sounded like the bubbles cleaned so hard inside of my pores.

Relaxed for 10 minutes with this mask, leaving the bubbles on my face. You might feel a little bit tingly, but it is totally fine, it is the process of exfoliating that AHA and BHA bring. I felt a bit too, but it was fine. 

As you can see, it made lots of foam and bubbles, yay!!! I put off my mask after 10 minutes, and still lots of bubbles were on my face. Can you imagine that the mask just made that many bubbles?!

Then I gently massage my face with bubbles, and rinsed with lukewarm water.

So nice! I could feel my pores were clean and pure! The skin felt moisturized, clear, and clean. It was so soft and smooth, so I got a lot confident for my bare face!

I am aware that this kind of masks are pricey, including this oxygen bubble mask or other brands’ mask, because my mom used to use this kind of masks a lot. But the benefits of the mask and its effects are so awesome. I got a soft, smooth, and clear skin. I definitely want to try it.