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Neogen Vita Duo Cream Review by The Glam Gamer

Neogen Vita Duo Cream Joan Day Joan Night Is A 2-n-1 24 Hours of Skin Care

by The Glam Gamer ( The Glam Gamer )


I don’t mind multi-step skin care routines. For me each step is not only beneficial but a way to relax, pamper my skin and have some much needed me time. However, I won’t complain when skin care can be condensed into a double duty or multi-step product. 

Neogen Vita Duo Cream Joan Day Joan Night, $32, is a collaboration with beauty influencer Joan Kim, a popular YouTube leader in KBeauty, fashion and all things Korean. Cruelty free Neogen is one of her favorite brands so it makes sense that she would collab with them. The Vita Duo Cream comes in a container with 2 separate and generously sized compartments, one for each cream plus a spatula to aid in application. A protective inner plastic seal with each side labelled keeps the product fresh and protected. 



The Joan Day Vita Cream, formulated with Green Tea soothes, heals and protects while Vitamin C brightens and revitalizes. Both give antioxidant protection against free radicals and environmental aggressors. The Day Vita Cream is a light green in color (from the green tea) and has a thick, opaque, creamy texture that melts into an almost liquid-like feel for quick absorption without greasiness.

I have oily skin and did not experience any extra oiliness, pore clogging, breakouts or other irritation. The Day Cream felt very nice and made my skin feel really supple, plump and soft. The scent is light and pleasant. 

After your morning facial cleanse, toning and serum (optional) use the spatula to scoop out a pea to dime sized amount and apply evenly to face. Use a little more for your neck. Follow with sunscreen (especially important since the Day Vita Cream contains Vitamin C) and primer or makeup if you desire.

The Joan Night Vita Cream is a moisturizer and sleeping mask combined. It has a gel like texture that feels cooling and refreshing when applied. It’s ingredients include lavender with soothing antioxidant benefits and antioxidant Vitamin E nourishes for skin barrier strengthening. 

I like the scent of the lavender and the aromatherapy benefits of it. It’s a very comforting and relaxing at the end of the day as well as good for nighttime skin care. As with the Day Cream, my skin did not have any excess sebum or other irritations.

Using the spatula, take a dime sized amount and apply evenly to face after cleansing, toning and nighttime serum and/or moisturizer. You can also cleanse, tone, serum (if you choose) and apply the Night Vita Cream in place of your moisturizer. 

Here’s where the true multitasking of this product shines. The Day Vita Cream doesn’t have to be for daytime use only. If you prefer to use Vitamin C products at night, go ahead and let the Day Vita Cream be your nighttime moisturizer. Layer on a little of the Night Vita Cream afterwards. The Vitamin E in the Night Cream will enhance the results of Vitamin C and help give your skin more of a boost in brightening. Feel free to use the Night Vita Cream on days when you want a water-gel textured cream. 

So, with this product you get a hydrating cream for day, a moisturizing and relaxing cream for night which also doubles as a sleeping mask AND you can switch them up to suit your skin and its needs. Plus, your antioxidant care will be 24 hours. It’s travel friendly and convenient. Definitely an awesome product!

The formula is very gentle and made to suit all skin types, including sensitive. Do note that some people may be sensitive to lavender, especially those with very sensitive skin so be sure to test a small area (behind the ear is a good place to test) of your skin to make sure there will be no problems.