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Meet your skin's superhero for summer: Lemon Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling

Meet your skin's superhero for summer: Lemon Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling

by Carolina Malis

If you ask me - or any skincare expert truly - there's no way to get rid of blackheads and pimples without proper exfoliation. Nope, I'm not talking about those sand-based scrubs you rub all over your face and body until it gets red and striped out of all it natural oils, but more about the right kind of exfoliation. Don't get me wrong, physical exfoliators (AKA those formulated with grains of rice, sugar or sand) are not the enemy, but if you dare to use them you need to make sure your skin is healthy and strong enough to take it (either way I wouldn't recommend to use these more than once a week). 

If you're on the sensitive skin side of things (just like me) then chemical exfoliation might be better for you. For those new to the concept, chemical exfoliation is a method that removes dead skin cells with the use of chemicals - duh - to aid cell turnover, which leads to not only smoother skin but also has brightening effects.

Summer skin care_Best Exfoliating pad Neogen Dermalogy Lemon Bio peel Gauze peeling

Neogen Dermalogy Bio Peel Gauze peeling lemon review

Now, what would you do if I tell you there's one product that combines both methods in one? Yep, I'm not making it up. That product exists and you've probably seen it around already as, let me tell you, is quite a popular fella. I'm talking about the Neogen Lemon Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads. These 30 single-use pads are soaked in a formula that contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, lemon, orange and papaya extract (AKA the chemicals). The fun part? They're not just a piece of cotton but double sided exfoliating pads - with a grittier, gaze side to remove and slough off dead skin cells, and a soft - quilted side to remove any leftover debris and residues.

 Neogen Dermalogy Bio Peel Gauze peeling lemon review

Bio Peel Gauze peeling lemon for acne prone and dark dull skin

They're pretty easy to use: after cleansing your skin just slip your fingers into the pad's pouch and using the gauze side first sweep it across your face making sure to hit every spot. Then flip the pad around to use the quilted side, and once again sweep it all over your face. Finally - and yes this is a very important step a lot of people is not aware of - rinse off your skin!

There's 3 types to choose from when talking the Bio-Peel pads: Wine, Green Tea and Lemon. Who are these ones for? Personally I use all 3 of them but I tend to reach out for the yellow tube whenever my skin if feeling dull, tired and in need of a pick me up. The Vitamin C concentrate in the formula not only helps brighten your skin in matter of minutes but also helps decrease the consequences of stress and the sun on your skin.


Who is this for? I dare to say everyone and anyone. I have the most sensitive skin in the Milky Way and have never had any trouble using these. Have you ever tried them? Let me know in the comments about your experience with them!