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Why you should add ferments to your winter skincare routine ASAP

Why you should add ferments

to your winter skincare routine ASAP

By Carolina Malis 


Yes, yes, kombucha is great, but have you ever tried fermented skincare? I know, it can sound weird at first. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking “fermented” is food and drinks, right? Kombucha, cider, beer, cheese, kimchi, yogurt… all good stuff but that’s not the end of it.


Just like wine has a higher antioxidant capacity than grape juice, when you use fermentation on skincare products these become richer in peptides, vitamins and probiotics, AKA, what was already great becomes even better. We usually think of bacteria as something bad, but there’s also good bacteria, and that’s what we’ll find on fermented skincare. Good bacteria is responsible for probiotics, which can improve our skin barrier function, dermatitis, eczema and can even heal scars.


But that’s not it. The real deal about fermentation is that the process itself generates hyaluronic acid (helps cells retain hydration) and lactic acid (a natural exfoliant and moisturizer ingredient), plus it enhances the production of ceramides (which are necessary for barrier function on the skin). Fermentation provides you with all of these at once.


Now, the big question remains: where do I start? There’s two fermented holy grails I keep coming back to, specially during cold-weather season, and wanted to share the secret with you.



Real Ferment Micro Essence


Just wow. A thousand times wow. This intense and super hydrating - plus brightening - essence is truly what skincare dreams are made of. It contains more than 93% of naturally fermented ingredients which together deliver instant moisture to the skin. I don't know about you by I prefer my skincare to be fragrance-free or to have a light scent that comes from the actual ingredients, and yep, this one it 100% scentless!




Its formula contains 17% birch juice which is extremely hydrating and 9% rice extracts which help with brightening, all so your skin is ready to shine bright like a diamond with no necessity of makeup. Actually, when I first tried it last year I remember after a few weeks I noticed how some areas of my skin were glowing without me adding any kind of highlighter, so it can be a great add to your routine on no-makeup days.



Real Ferment Micro Serum


This follow-up to the Essence delivers a concentrated boost of nutrients and antioxidants to the skin in matter on seconds, kind of like a shot of energy. I like to think of it as an energizing drink for my skin. Its formula containing 61% fermented ingredients comes in a gel-like texture that absorbs into the skin so easily you won't believe it.



Something I notice every single time I apply it is how bouncy and elastic my skin feels a couple of minutes after, almost like one of those stress-relief balls. I have to admit thought that one of my biggest concerns before trying this was if it would leave my skin feeling greasy or oily, but not at all. It is thicker than the serums I'm used to but once again, it absorbs so easily you'll be shocked. Another confession? I'm waaaay more into it for winter than summer. Specially right now, when the cold weather doesn't seem to give us a break, this serum is the perfect formula to keep my skin glowing even when it feels like the antartida over here.


So, do you think you’re ready to introduce ferments to your routine? (A hint, the answer is yes).