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How you can keep the skin under your eyes bright and hydrated all season long

This is how you can keep the skin under your eyes
bright and hydrated all season long


By Carolina Malis  


We could all agree that dark circles and tired saggy bags under your eyes will never become the next beauty trend nor will it ever be considered a cute look at any point in life, am I right?. But despite how unattractive it is, it seems to be something we have struggled with or at least we all fear that we will struggle with in the future. 

But before getting into how to treat them, the question remains: what causes them? Dark circles result from oxygenated blood showing through the skin around the under-eye area.  Unlike most of the thicker skin elsewhere, the skin around the under-eye is thinner and therefore more sheer so eventually you naturally see more blood showing through this area of the skin.



As for the bags under your eyes; there are a range of things that can cause bags under your eyes.  Fluid build-up from allergies, infections, eczema, sleeping face down could all cause bags to form under your eyes.  And just overall weakened and loosened skin tissue from the natural process of aging and day-to-day fatigue from long hours of working or lack of sleep can also cause bags under your eyes.

Whatever the cause may be, dark circles and bags can suddenly start appearing at any point in your life since our skin becomes weaker and more vulnerable as we age which makes us more susceptible to displaying these types of visible side effects.




So, the important question is, what do we do to treat them?

Here are some tricks and tips for prevention and getting rid of them:

  • HYDRATE YOURSELF! Dehydration causes dark circles to become more visible and could help clear any fluid buildup that causes bags under the eyes.
  • CUT DOWN ON SALT! Try to reduce salt intake that can cause your body to get dehydrated and cause water retention under the eyes.
  • AVOID TOO MUCH CAFFEINE! Caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic which means it will cause more water loss and increased chances of dehydration.
  • SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! Try getting an adequate amount of sleep to prevent loss in skin elasticity, sagging, and the appearance of dark circles due to enlarged blood vessels.
  • ALWAYS PROTECT & MOISTURIZE! As mentioned, this area of the skin is thinner and weaker, so it is crucial to moisturize more frequently & apply additional products to protect the skin from further weakening. (Psst, the Neogen Dermalogy White Truffle Laycure oil stick is a great friend to keep in your pocket!)
  • SPF! Always apply spf protection especially around the under eye which is vulnerable to more damage than other parts of the skin so you can minimize as much damage and weakening of the skin around this area,



  • Cold Compress- grab a bag of frozen veggies or even stick two spoons in the freezer and use them as a cold compress to bring down any puffiness and help your contract and tighten the skin elasticity
  • Cucumber Slices- cut a couple slices of chilled cucumbers to help calm irritated skin while soothing any inflammation
  • Green Tea Bags- don't throw away those green tea bags, keep them chilled and use them to calm inflammation as well as let the caffeine perk up any sagging and loosening in the skin
  • Potatoes- slice or grind some potatoes and use them as an eye mask if you are struggling from superficial hyper-pigmentation around the eyes, potatoes deliver excellent subtle yet gentle skin-brightening benefits to the skin.

Yeah, it’s true, our eyes require lots of attention and care, but you’ll see how it’s a matter of learning what the skin under your eyes needs in order for it to start looking brighter and younger.