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Pore-less skin is now easy with this Sheet Mask!

Pore-less skin is now easy with this Sheet Mask! 

You know that feeling when you’re gonna try something new but you’re scared because you don’t really know much about it? That's exactly how my first experience with exfoliation was a few years ago. I had heard about it in the past of course but never really knew how to do it right. My closest approach was the scrub my mom used to keep in the shower that I used in my face not even taking the time to read that it was supposed to be for body only (always read your labels peeps!).


So there I was, facial rice-grains based exfoliator on one hand, warm water on the other one, and so the exfoliating journey began. How did it end? With my face feeling fresh but very red and sensitive, although my pores looked smooth. While it was a good experience overall, after that day I've never used a scrub again, because right after I finished my exfoliation session I discovered there was another kind of exfoliation better suited for sensitive skin (uhmm, hello, me): chemical exfoliation. I know, it sounds scary. You'd think staying away from chemicals is always best but in this case, the acids used for chemical exfoliation are meant to help your skin regenerate and exfoliate deeper.


You've maybe heard about AHAs and BHAs already, or maybe you've seen the words written on your skincare product's label. Well, well, well, these are the chemical exfoliators that changed my skin forever. But what are these? In simple words:


AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) is the ingredient that loses up your skin cells in order to let them fall away faster and easier, obtaining clarified, bright and plum skin as a reward. Ususally you'll find it under three names/forms: Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Glycolic Acid

BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) works a little deeper on the skin, penetraring the pore an unclogging it from all the sebum and toxins trapped deep down.

Thing is after I learned about these I started adding them to my routine not just in the form of serums but also as secondary ingredients on masks, and there's where the Pore-Less Carbonic-Peel Mask enters the game. This bamboo charcoal fiber sheet mask not only exfoliates your skin thanks to the wonderful ingredients I just described, but it also contains carbonated water, which helps removing dead skin cells and impurirites, green tea which calms skin, and Witch Hazel & Centella Asiatica, which help with skin's turnover.


One of the things that surprised me the most about this mask when I tried it for the first time was how incredibly calming it can be. I tend to get red with… well, everything, and this mask not only diminished redness on the spot but keeps my skin red-less all day long.


Feel like trying it? Weeeeell, if you're an Ipsy member, starting on February 7th you can redeem this mask with your Ipsy points! So go ahead, give it a try and let us know how it goes!