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Now you can find RE:P
at Ulta!

Now you can find RE:P at Ulta!

By Carolina Malis


Gone are the days when finding the good K-Beauty brands available at your local stores was only a fantasy. Thankfully, the world realized K-Beauty had lots to offer and with time what was just a trend became a regular on people’s routines all around the globe.


One of my absolute favorites and one I’m thankful I got to introduce to my routine - and keep in it forever, tbh - is RE:P. Sustainable and down-to-earth, re:p delivers a smart skincare practice that feels so natural to the skin as well as the environment. re:p’s every process and element was developed based on creating a sustainable skincare environment with “au naturel'' ingredient formulas that will bring your skin back to its ideal comfort zone. Each packaging was carefully developed using responsible materials and processes which even further extends the environmentally conscious philosophy in the disposal of the products after use. Unlike most other products that use a standardized based formula, re:p uses formulas that are completely new and unique so each product can deliver effective multi-purpose benefits that conserve time and reduce waste.


Sounds good? Well, you can also experience the RE:P treasures, and it’s even easier now that you can find the collection at Ulta! Here are the products currently available, aka, your next obsession.



Nutrinature Ultra Nourishing Cream


Ultra moisture-enriched cream formulated from nourishing concentrations of skin nurturing ingredients including Argan oil, Rosehip seed oil, Shea butter, and Jojoba, and Olive oil. Intense nutrition formula supports healthy skin metabolism to reinforce the skin barrier for stronger and firmer looking skin.



>Nutrinature Ultra All-Night Moisture & Relief Mask


Consider this a deeply moisturizing sleeping pack that recharges skin while you sleep. Natural calming helps like tea tree and apple mint relieve sensitivity, skin irritation, and stress while visibly tightening pores and smoothing skin texture while you sleep.



Bio Fresh Mask With Real Calming Herbs


This mask is specifically formulated for ultra sensitive skin, this soothing mask is infused with real calendula and chamomile flowers to instantly soothe tender complexions. QA skin-calming complex works with kaolin clay to refine skin texture and calm red spots.



Nutrinature Ultra All-In-One Multitem


>In a nutshell, it’s a toner, essence, and moisturizer in one that softens, brightens, hydrates, and fights wrinkles with the nourishing properties of olive, avocado, and brightening rosehip oil. The naturally-derived ingredient formula helps adjust the oil & moisture balance in the skin to achieve an overall improved skin condition and a more revitalized skin tone.



Gentle Face Cleaning Removing Pad


These pads quickly remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil with the power of nutrient-rich botanicals like jojoba oil, rose extract, and pore-refining tea tree. The soft gauze pads help gently remove dead skin without causing irritation.



Organic Cotton Treatment Toning Pad


The toning pads provide light removal of dead skin cells while toning the skin back to its healthy balance. Soft but unique lattice structure cotton pads soaked in a herbal water formula provides skin boosting and toning benefits that leave your skin feeling refreshed and refined.