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Meet the pink powder treatment that lives up to the hype

Meet the pink powder treatment

that lives up to the hype

By Carolina Malis


I’m not gonna lie... I’m not a believer on skincare treatments that promise to erase breakouts  overnight. All blemishes are an open wound and there’s just no way our body can heal them in 8 hours, not even with the strongest ingredients out there.


I still remember being younger and believing toothpaste, baking soda or pure rubbing alcohol could be the solution to get rid of pimples fast. If I was in front of my younger self and I saw her do that I would literally cry in front of her while begging for her not to do that to her skin. But thankfully time made me wiser and K-Beauty showed up in my life, and since then I learned to treat my skin better and to give it time to heal and change instead of trying to rush through everything.


Now, this doesn't mean we can’t turn the process faster, because yes, we can. Some ingredients out there help get rid of acne-causing bacteria, inflammation and swelling so pimples can start their disappearing process sooner than later. You’ve probably seen many of these treatments already: from serums, to pimple patches and spot treatments, there's a huge range of actually good blemish treatments out there, but lately I’ve been using one I’m really surprised about.


You’ve probably seen these little glass bottles, half clear liquid, half pink dust. There’s many of them in the market and they all promise to get rid of pimples in the blink of an eye, but I’ve tried many of them and never really saw big changes overnight. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing Neogen’s A-Clear Soothing Pink Eraser and here’s the very first reason to love it: it claims to help soothe and clear away blemishes faster instead of promising 8-hours results, and with only that they got me halfway convinced.



This super intensive soothing and purifying treatment is formulated with calamine powder - AKA the pink thing you see floating in the bottom - which comes from Sulfur and helps relieve blemishes and all the area surrounding it, all while keeping sebum production under control. Also in the mix you’ll find salicylic acid, a powerful BHA ingredient which not only helps deeply exfoliate the skin but also dissolves toxins trapped deep down in our pores, helping unclog them for good. This way, once your pores are clearer, skin is ready to absorb the soothing ingredients contained in the formula. And last but not least, there’s also azulene in this little bottle, which is a compound extracted from chamomile which helps calm down skin by reducing redness and recovering damaged cells, plus it helps fortify our skin’s natural moisture barrier. I KNOW, a true multitasker.



Personally I like to use it when pimples turn into whiteheads as I know it can be a little too tempting to pop those, so as soon as I see one I cover it with the godsend, and while the next day I’ll still see inflammation and redness, the white head will be naturally gone.


So how do you use it? Just take a Q-tip, submerge one side on the formula and gently apply it over breakouts or troubled areas. Then just leave it overnight and wash off the next morning. Very important tip to keep in mind: YOU MUST NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE! I know, I know, it’s very tempting to do so, but each layer of the product works separately so just slowly dip the q-tip until you reach the bottom of the bottle and then take it out.


Does it sound like what you’ve been waiting for your whole life? I know, it kinda was for me too.