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Welcome your new Holy Grail:
Real Ferment Micro Serum

Welcome your new Holy Grail: Real Ferment Micro Serum

By Carolina Malis


(Warning: I'm beyond obsessed with this serum to the point I've tried it for only a week but I already know it'll stay on my routine forever, but I'll try for my fascination not to influence this review… sort of) 

I had a skincare conversation (yes, that's a kind of conversation I have regularly) with a few friends not long ago and we realized at the end of the day everyone's skincare routine has one particular focus. For some it's all about anti-aging, for some spots are the main struggle, hydration, dehydration… the list can be long but we all have one main skincare goal. In my case it all about hydration. I'm well aware dehydration is what causes my skin to get dry patches in the winter, fine lines under my eyes and even pimples, so instead of fighting those concerns with a ton of different targeted solutions I focus on keeping my skin hydrated in order to avoid these to show up. (PSA: Dehydrated and dry skin is not the same! Your skin can be oily but still dehydrated).


For that reason finding products that will contribute to skin's hydration is a must for me, from facial oils to products containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or ceramides, sunscreen and fermented formulas. "Wait, did you say fermented?" you may be wondering. Well yes, that's exactly what I said. The world has been singing the praises of fermented food for its capacity to heal the body inside out for decades now, but how does it work skin-wise? The same way cabbage turns to kimchi and grapes to wine, the fermentation process transforms the natural ingredients on a skincare staple into this super powerful substances while increasing its density, making the product's natural ingredients more powerful and easy to absorb for the skin. You robably remember I already talked a little about this when Neogen launched their Real Ferment Micro Essence ) and how it came to change my skin's hydration levels. Well, well, well, as if that wasn't a holy grail already there's a new member to the family now, the Real Ferment Micro Serum. This follow-up step to the Micro Essence delivers a powerful and intense boost of nutrients and antioxidants to the skin in matter of seconds.

 Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Serum

Its formula contains 61% fermented ingredients (in case you're not familiar with percentages, that's A LOT) including 22% Bifida and 18% Saccharomyces (for elasticity, hydration and skin tone improvements), 12% birch juice (for intense hydration), 6% Rice Extract (antioxidant and hydrating) and 3% Aspergillus (for brightening effects). See how everything points out to hydration in a way?

Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Serum 

Now, talking texture the serum comes in a creamy, kind of snaily formula that spreads like a gel and absorbs so fast you can't even tap it in. The very first thing I noticed when applying it to my face was the brightening effect, almost like if I had just apply highlighter to my skin. At the beginning I wondered if it was some form of a silver cast but no, it's just light and smoothness. The very next day I woke up to calm and bright skin. I've been having a few breakouts lately because of some stomach issues and while this didn't make them disappear (as that's not what the serum is for) my whole face woke up not showing signs of redness or inflammation, and the "highlighter effect" I saw the night before was still there, giving me for the first time ever the so desired honey skin glow.

 Neogen Real Ferment Micro Serum review

I don't know about you but I'm not into artificial fragrances in skincare products. If you're like me then you'll love this serum even more because it smells literally like nothing (just like the Micro Essence). Sounds like an catch, does it? If it sounds like the right product for you, then I would absolutely invite you to give it a try and share your results with us! You can find it exclusively on SokoGlam!

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