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Welcome the powder your skin has been waiting for

Welcome the powder your skin has been waiting for

By Carolina Malis


Vitamin C. You hear it everywhere. Everyone and their mothers are talking about it and how it changed their skin, but what’s the big deal behind it? In simple words, and thanks to its incredible antioxidant properties, vitamin C aids in our skin’s natural regeneration process, which ends up helping out body repair damaged skin cells.

Now, the trick behind it is you need to know how to use it right in order for it to work its wonders on your skin, and that’s where things get a little more complicated. Thankfully, the professionals in our labs know what you’re craving and what your needs - and our skin’s - are, reason why they came out with this innovative way of Vitamin C that’s gonna fit everyone's skin care routine: the Real Vita C Powder Lemon.

Yes, you read that right. This vitamin C comes in powder form so you can add it to your skincare routine without having to actually add an extra step.

What is it for?

This skincare godsend provides you with all the brightening benefits of vitamin C, but takes away the possibilities of it oxidising.

What’s in it?

Only good stuff. Starting with 17% ascorbic acid - AKA pure vitamin C - to then add hydrolyzed collagen, allantoin, trehalose and of course, lemon extract, which together help revitalize, plump, even out skin tone, and hydrate the skin while adding a radiant touch to it. But even more interesting is what’s NOT in it:  alcohol, silicone, parabens, artificial fragrance, surfactants and mineral oil.

How does it work?

The best part. Take a scoop of the powder and mix it with your toner or essence (or event with your moisturizer), blend it together and apply on your skin! Easy, peasy.

Why Powder?

As we mentioned before, one of the downsides to vitamin C is its capacity to oxidize.. And very fast. Once vitamin C reacts to oxygen - which happens the second you open your brand new bottle - it starts its oxidizing process. With powder vitamin C that problem is out of the question!

But what’s the great news here? You can now find our Vita C Powder on! That’s right, now there’s no excuses to get yours and add some brightness to your future.