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Super Hydrating, Super Soothing: Super Hyaluronic Acid

Super Hydrating, Super Soothing : Super Hyaluronic Acid

By Carolina Malis


Ohh, hydration. We all pursue it but can be so hard to accomplish sometimes. While using hydrating products is not the only answer to hydrated skin - drink water friends! - it’s incredible how the right skincare routine can actually change your skin for good. But, why is it so important to keep our skin hydrated?


I know this may sound cheesy but our skin is just like a plant: it stays alive as long as it stays hydrated. When our beloved skin loses hydration, its cells become brittle and shrink which immediately makes it more prone to bacteria, toxins and all the nasty things floating around in the air, AKA, a big No, No. This can not only cause dull, dehydrated complexion but also wrinkles, shedding, flaky skin and even acne. Yep, ACNE.


It’s common to think dry skin and Acne don’t go together but dehydration is in fact the reason behind this problem in many occasions. Think about it this way: acne happens on our pores, and in order to lose excess sebum and oils that can be clogging those pores our skin needs to be healthy and well hydrated. 


Now, not all “hydrating” products work the same, and not because you see the word on the label it means they’re actually gonna contribute to your skin’s hydration levels. The smart way to go about it is focusing on ingredients that will not only add up moisture but also help retain it inside, and one of those is hyaluronic acid.


You’ve probably heard of this godsend before. This magical ingredient has the ability to draw and hold water inside our skin, which helps keep skin moisturized throughout the day. Best part? It’s truly an everyday-use ingredient as it can be paired with most skincare items, even super strong ones such as retinols, exfoliating acids, vitamins and even peels. For the past few weeks I’ve been testing Surmedic’s Super Hyaluronic 100TM line and yep, you got the spoiler: the main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. While the absolute whole line sounds like a dream, here’s three items you should definitely keep on your radar:



Super hyaluronic 100TM Amino Acid Cleanser 


If you talk gentle cleansers you have to talk about this one, because OH BOY, it’s like clouds for my skin. You know that uncomfortable, tight feeling after washing your face with a high pH cleanser? Well, you don’t feel that when using this one and that, my friends, is because of the hyaluronic acid complex, natural amino acids derived from coconut and cotton stem cells contained in the formula. All these treasures together help remove impurities from skin while keeping it hydrated inside out and whisking away any and all impurities.


I personally love this one as a night time cleanser after my oil based one. It just leaves my skin ready for anything I want to apply afterwards. As a side note, every time I use it I wake up to my red spots and inflammation looking calmer and soothed, which is weird for me considering rosacea usually attacks while I sleep.



Super hyaluronic 100TM Aqua Skin


If you know me you know I’m obsessed with hydrating toners. One layer of it is never enough and you’ll find me patting at least 3 layers on the daily. This one in particular is so extremely hydrating I feel like I accomplish the effect of 3 layers of a regular toner with only one of this.


Also formulated with hyaluronic acid - as you probably already assumed - it penetrates so deep into the skin that you feel like it recharges it in matter of seconds. I’d dare to say this is one of the only toners that has helped my dehydrated stay put during the day, plus it has a brightening effect to it thanks to the Camu Camu in the formula - an ingredient high in Vitamin C - which is always very appreciated.



Super hyaluronic 100TM Aqua Emulsion


If I’m completely honest I’m not much of an emulsions kind of person. I tend to feel like it’s just never enough and end up applying a layer of regular moisturizer on top of it. Well, that kind of changed when I tried this one. As it combines hyaluronic acid with ceramides, the level of hydration it provides is out of this world, all while being light and super gentle on skin. 


While those two are already reason enough to fall for this emulsion, another star ingredient in my opinion is Aquaxl, a complex that helps keep the outer layer of skin hydrated all day long, which translates on skin feeling and looking dewy for hours and makeup not breaking or caking.


Not that there’s anyone out there who can’t use this line because all of us can use a little extra hydration, but if you’ve been suffering from dehydration and haven't found a cure for it yet, belivebe, this line will change your skin for good.