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Say Goodbye to the Weather Transition Skin Struggles with this Overnight Mask

By: Carolina Malis


It feels like Fall already! While technically it still is summer, we can already see things changing. Days become shorter, breezier, temperatures are dropping and sweaters are making a return, but with all that there’s one particular thing that can become a struggle for our skin: weather transition.

 Yep, those days when you can’t really tell if you're cold or hot, and while your skin is trying its best to keep up, the unbalance and lack of status quo can play not-so-fun games on your complexion. For some that translates into dehydrated or inflamed skin, while for others it looks more like out-of-nowhere breakouts, enlarged pores and redness.

In order to lend your skin a hand during this time, it is very important to keep an eye on the things you're putting on your face. What ingredients work for you? Which ingredients you’ll not include in your routine anymore at least until it gets warmer again? What’s your skin asking for? So many questions, I know, but thankfully there are a couple products out there formulated to add a bit more power to your routine while keeping things under control, and today, my friend, I’ll present you one of my absolute favorites for the season: Neogen’s A-Clear Soothing Overnight Mask.

Love me a mask that acts on my skin while I sleep. There is some evidence that skin cells regenerate faster at night than during the day. Cell division happens throughout the day, but peaks around 2 am, in other words, this is literally renewal and rejuvenation while we’re in the zzzone. That’s why we are constantly talking about the importance of Beauty Sleep, because it truly can add so much to the health of your skin.

Now, what’s so amazing about this mask? Its formula was made to hydrate and nourish your skin while you sleep, without clogging your pores. With ingredients such as salicylic acid and centella asiatica, the formula helps control excess oil, remove pore-clogging dead skin cells and impurities and soothe redness- and breakout-prone skin, AKA, stressed skin’s best friend!

But that’s not it. The mask will not only soothe your skin but will also provide you with gentle exfoliation and calming effects, as the formula features BHA and some hero ingredients like Tea tree and Licorice, which together help reduce inflammation and calm down skin that’s under stress of irritability.

Best thing is how easy it is to use! Just apply a thin layer at the very end of your nighttime routine and go to sleep! Then wash off with lukewarm water in the morning and continue with your daytime routine.