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Red Wine + Skincare? Yes, and it’s more beneficial than you know

Red Wine + Skincare?

Yes, and it’s more beneficial than you know


By Carolina Malis  


In Europe, most red wines are made from red grapes which contain a lot of antioxidant properties. Especially a compound called resveratrol found in wine has shown to be extremely beneficial for anti-aging benefits for the skin both visibly and in fighting the skin's visible signs of aging.



especially powerful antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which cause damage to your skin cells as well as your DNA.  By packing your skincare and diet regimen with a healthy and regular dose of antioxidants you can help fight the signs of aging by preventing free radical damage and restoring collagen and elastic fibers for improvement/prevention for wrinkles and sagging skin that starts to occur as you get older.

A glass of wine a day may contribute positively to your health while helping you relax your mind from the day's stress, but applying it to your skin may also be another way for you to consume your daily glass! 




Maybe incorporate some wine to your skin regimen with these Neogen Dermalogy Bio-peel Gauze Peeling Wine pads which are now launched in Soko Glam and also in the newly launched Soko Glam Pop-up store at the Soho Bloomingdales?  The patented pad designs saturated in a natural formula made from wine packs the abundant anti-aging & anti-oxidant benefits of resveratrol found in wine while exfoliating your skin for an overall smoother and more radiantly youthful skin!