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Real Fresh Foam : the 4 cleansers your routine has been waiting for

Real Fresh Foam

: the 4 cleansers your routine has been waiting for

By Carolina Malis







Skincare is for sure a very personal thing. No one can have exactly the same routine as another person as different ingredients work or won’t work for everybody. But there’s something we all need, no matter our skin type or season: cleansing. Getting rid of waste, toxins, and excess sebum is a must if you wanna skip your skin healthy and able to absorb whatever it is you’ll layer on top afterwards.


But not all cleansers work the same, and not all formulas work for everyone. Thankfully, Neogen came up with an answer that fit even those with the most sensitive complexions while targeting different skin struggles: the Real Fresh Foam collection. Featuring four different powerful ingredients, green tea, blueberry, cranberry and cereal, there’s without a doubt one meant for you and only you! Wanna figure out which one? HEre’s a bit about each one of them!



Real Fresh Foam - Green Tea


Infused with naturally fermented Green Tea and hydrating Papaya Fruit Water, Neogen's 'Real Fresh Foam' works to soothe and refresh. Perfect for all skin types (even those prone to acne or redness), this hypoallergenic, water-based cleanser gently removes impurities and makeup without any irritation. With prolonged use, your complexion will be smoother and more radiant.



Real Fresh Foam - Blueberry


Neogen focuses on multi-beneficial products like this gentle 'Real Fresh' wash, which hydrates and nourishes skin as it cleanses. It's infused with Blueberry Extract that deeply moisturizes as the airy foaming formula sweeps away impurities and makeup to clarify your pores. Mango, Banana, Orange and Lemon extracts promote a brighter, more radiant complexion, too.



Real Fresh Foam - Cranberry


Neogen's 'Dermalogy Real Fresh Foam' is infused with actual cranberries to brighten tired, dull skin. This gentle cleanser boosts hydration as it washes away impurities, dirt and excess makeup without causing any irritation or tightness. Incorporate it into your everyday routine to maintain a clear, healthy complexion.



Real Fresh Foam - Cereal


The NEOGEN Cereal Real Fresh Foam Cleanser is a gentle and hydrating foam cleanser formulated with natural ingredients and featuring 100% real cereal. Containing fermented rice seeds and oryza sativa (rice) seed extract, this cleanser brightens and hydrates the skin. Its hypoallergenic foamy lather smoothly cleanses away all impurities, wastes and makeup without any irritation, leaving the skin smoother and fresher. Great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.

It's the perfect water-based cleanser to follow your oil-based cleanser in your double-cleansing routine.


So, which of these do you think is the right fit for you?