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Pore Control All-In-One: The Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

Pore Control All-In-One: The Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

By Carolina Malis

Let's be completely honest here: deep down we all wish for our pores to look smaller. Isn't it the actual number 1 skin struggle? While there's tons of problems we need to fight skin-wise, controlling the appearance and look of our pores is by far one of the hardest ones. I get the question: "what do I do to close my pores?" quite a lot, and my answer is always pretty much the same: your pores are not muscles, ERGO they can't open and close… Sad news but it's the painful truth.

What we can do for them to look smaller though is keep them clean, which we can accomplish by exfoliating and properly cleansing. But, does every cleanser help get rid of what's trapped inside your pores? The answer is a big, round NO. While most cleansers claim to be able to cleanse away impurities some of them just act on the surface, managing to get rid of what your skin accumulated throughout the day but not what's building up inside your pores. For the same reason we need to make sure to have at least one cleanser that's gonna do the hard work and remove all that waste and sebum locked inside.

 Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser Review

Now, how would you feel if I tell you there's a product out there that can get rid of makeup, excess sebum, dirt, toxins, blackheads and dead skin build up in only one step? I know, you'd think I'm lying, but I'm not. I got introduced to Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser around a year ago during this same time of the year and my very first question was: How can a cleanser contain clay in it and not be extremely drying? Specially now with temperatures dropping I don't wanna put anything on my face that's gonna take hydration away. But must admit I was extremely surprised after the first time I actually used it.

As you can guess from the title, this cleanser is formulated with Canadian clay, which has many different benefits for our skin: it improves circulation, detoxifies, exfoliates and can minimize the appearance of our pores. But that's not it: it's also formulated with marine oil and natural minerals which will make sure your skin stays hydrated and moist during the process. Have you ever noticed how some cleansers leave your skin feeling super tight and dry? While at some point in my life I thought that was a good sign I've learned that's exactly what tells me a cleanser is not the right one for me. With this one you can tell immediately - because of these amazing ingredients - how your skin feels plump and hydrated afterwards.

 Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser review

Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser review

Neogen Canadian Clay best Pore Cleanser review

Neogen Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser review

As it is both a cleanser and a clay mask at the same time, it works in a different way from what you'd expect: you first spread this super smooth and almost buttery formula all over your face and let it sit for a little bit until it starts sizzling. At that point you'll notice the cream is turning into a light foam! This technology is what brings all those nasty things trapped deep down in your pores to the surface, unclogging them in matter of minutes. When foam has formed you can start massaging the product so all dirt, traces of makeup and sebum starts detaching from your skin.

It's quite an experience to use this cleanser. Right after you're finished your skin feels not only clean but also relaxed in a way. I like to use this particular cleanser 1-2 times a week and every time I do so I feel like if I had a quick spa treatment. My skin feels refreshed and renewed in a way.

Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it actually is. Just make sure to apply toner afterwards and then continue with your routine as you'd do any other day.

 Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser