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Moisture Up! Add this moisturizers to your routine to fight back dryness

Moisture Up! Add this moisturizers to your routine
to fight back dryness

By Carolina Malis 


Let's face it, winter is quickly approaching and not only my wardrobe noticed it but my skin too. I don't know about you but I'm already running through basically a whole bottle of toner a month and don't even get me started on all the mist bottles I’ve used in the past month.

I remember the old days when I used to think moisture was just about looking dewy and keeping my skin hydrated. I had no idea how important it was to keep my skin moisturized in order to avoid wrinkles, acne, rosacea and even oiliness. Thankfully  I learned my lesson and nowadays moisturizing is an essential step of my everyday life.

But just like our clothes, not every moisturizer works the same way for every person, skin type and season. With the weather getting colder and dryer every single day, a few weeks ago I started my research for moisturizers that'd help not only raise my skin hydration levels up but also keep all those wonderful effects in, 'cause there's no use to wear a moisturizer that will just evaporate after 3 hours, right? While I tend to pick my moisturizer based on how my skin is feeling/looking that day, there's two little treasures I added to my routine and would like to share with you.




You guys, Sleeping Beauty knew what she was doing. Sleeping and healthy skin are basically an item and here's why: during the day your skin uses all its energy and superpowers to protect itself from every toxin and foe out there, and then when you go to sleep it switches to recovery mode, meaning the regeneration and repair process takes place, reason why you should take advantage of this magical moment and give your skin a little hand.



This super nourishing overnight mask - yes, it's a mask, but no, you don't wash it off! - helps boost your skin while you sleep thanks to some of its super soothing ingredients such as applemint, Tea tree oil - an all time personal favorite -, basil oil, olive oil and calendula among some other wonderfully calming and energizing ingredients formulated to turn your Beauty Sleep into the best facial you could think of. It's formula not only brings elasticity back but also helps skin relief from the stress and irritation it can accumulate during the day. This overnight treatment is just what skincare dreams are made of - literally.




You know how during the winter you put on your coziest, warmest sweater but still need a jacket on top in order to avoid wind and low temperatures to steal away the warmth? Well, that's exactly what this cream is. Let's start by saying I usually don't go for gel-like moisturizers during the winter as I tend to find them way too thin and not hydrating enough, but I bite my tongue and take a bow in front of this one because Oh My it surprised me. The Black Volume cream contains over 119 - yes, I just said One Hundred and Nineteen - natural ingredients, 49 of them delivered from rich and powerful antioxidants such as blackberry, Black currant, blueberry and black sesame seeds, promising 50 hours of continuous moisture and glow - which I can testify it delivers. When trying to find a way to describe how my skin looks and feels when layering this cream on, all I can think of is the word "bouncy", because that's exactly the feeling, almost like a baby's cheek: tender, glowy and extremely healthy.



I've tried this cream two different ways: as my only moisturizer after a serum and before sunscreen, and then as a second moisturizer over a first layer of a liquid-like face lotion, and this second one tends to be my favorite. This cream is made to lock and encapsulate hydration inside, not letting it escape throughout the day, so that way the Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid and Alpha Lipoic Acid on the formula stays and plums skin continuously, improving every single kind of wrinkle and fine line on your face for a youthful and less tired look.

Sounds like you need these on your skincare routine? Then make sure to get yours before the super cold temperatures hit the streets!