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Meet the Canadian Clay Pore Stick Mask, AKA, your oily skin's best friend

By: Carolina Malis


Ok, let's get real. Clay masks are fun and super effective but they can get messy, and sometimes be a little too rough for those with sensitive skin types- AKA me. They have been around for quite a while now, and will probably stay as a skincare staple for years to come, but have you ever wondered where they come from and how they actually work on your skin? Well, we're here to answer those questions today, friends. 


First things first: what's the big deal with clay? Well, this skincare holy grail comes from the ground, usually in areas where streams or rivers once flowed. It is made from minerals, plant life, and animals- all the ingredients of soil. Over time, water pressure breaks u the remains of flora, fauna, and minerals, pulverizing them into fine particles. When used topically, clay can help detoxify and draw out impurities and oils from the surface of the skin, which can be especially helpful to those people with acne or oily-prone skin. In other words, clay masks work by soaking up anything and everything that may be clogging up your pores.


Now, when choosing a clay mask,it's good to look for certain specific ingredients or types of clay. Kaolin and/or Bentonite are very popular ones, but here's when our team of innovative scientists enters the convo. Let us introduce you to our most recent launch: the Canadian Clay Pore Stick Mask. Formulated with mud glacial soil, 50,000ppm extracted directly from Canadian Colloidal Clay- yes, as in "it was brought to you directly from Canada" - its double mud power helps remove dead skin cells and pore-clogging impurities while keeping your skin hydrated, calm and not getting rid of the natural oils that your skin needs in order to stay healthy, but only the excess. 

Infused with a patented raw material called SYN-COLL and Collageneer, this formula tightens pores to promote healthy skin, meanwhile Glutathione, Purifying Compound-4 and Neogen's unique plant-curing compound- consisting of moringa, wheat sprout, calamansi, and alginc acid- help brighten up pores in order to reveal a vibrant, healthy glow. 

One of our favorites features about it is how manageable and easy to carry around it is. Its stick formal helps spread the formula easier than with a brush, and its petite size makes it easy to carry with you for traveling for the ultimate slumber party, your call! It's just so easy to use, once you try it for the first time you won't want to go back. After cleansing, just apply the mask evenly to the dry skin and leave it on for 3-5 minutes. You'll start seeing how it dries up in your face and actually gets a bit of a lighter color. After the mask is completely dry, just massage and rinse with warm water. 

Keep in mind that your skin does need some oils to stay healthy, so be careful about how many times a week you use this mask. One time should be enough for those with oily skin types and once every 2 weeks for those with drier complexions.