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Hydrate your way to great skin with the Real Ferment Micro Essence

Hydrate your way to great skin with the
Real Ferment Micro Essence

By Carolina Malis


You've probably already heard about essences in skincare. I perfectly remember the first time I heard the term and how I had to use my phone to do a little research because I had no idea what people were talking about. Is it a toner? Is it like an oil? A cleanser? Are we talking skincare or something metaphysical? Well, that fast google search taught me it's actually kind of like an hybrid between a toner and a serum, but later that night I learned it's much more than just that.

If this is your first time reading about it then let me tell you what I wish they told me back then: Essences are the heart and soul of korean skincare routines. Not gonna lie, its formulation is very similar to a serum's, some people actually consider them to be them same thing, but there's a few caveats to note.

First off, an essence is usually a little less concentrated and more lightweight than a serum, but thicker than a toner (reason why you usually apply it in between these two steps). This hydrating formula adds a moisture layer to the skin that properly primes it so it is better prepared to absorb serums and moisturizers. But not all essences work the same. Some are very simple and basic while others are formulated with strong ingredients that usually fall into the antioxidant category.

While I'm constantly testing out new skincare products and changing up my routine a little, with essences I'm a little more picky, and there's actually only three I really love and one of them is the Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence. This intense and super hydrating - plus brightening - essence is truly what skincare dreams are made of. It contains more than 93% of naturally fermented ingredients which together deliver instant moisture to the skin. I don't know about you by I prefer my skincare to be fragrance-free or to have a light scent that comes from the actual ingredients, and yep, this one it 100% scentless!

Its formula contains 17% birch juice which is extremely hydrating and 9% rice extracts which help with brightening, all so your skin is ready to shine bright like a diamond with no necessity of makeup. Actually, when I first tried it last year I remember after a few weeks I noticed how some areas of my skin were glowing without me adding any kind of highlighter, so it can be a great add to your routine on no-makeup days.

If you've tried it before, you maybe have noticed your bottle looks a little different from the one I picture here! Well, well, well, 2019 arrived and the essence got a little packaging update,  in case you see it out there and get a little confused. How do you usually add essences to your routine? Let me know in the comments!