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Hyal Glow Rose Essence: Your skin’s new best friend for weather transition

By: Carolina Malis


It's that time of the year again. It's summer but some days you can feel Fall coming. Some days are drier than others, some days are more humid... and your skin starts to get confused, am I right? Well... welcome to weather transition folks. 

While our skin has the power to adapt and change under different weather and environment conditions, it usually takes a bit of time to find the balance. It is right in the middle of the journey that we find our complexion lacking something or reacting differently. During these hard times, our skin needs us more than ever to provide it with the right products and ingredients. While some just add thicker or oilier formulas to their routines to prevent moisture loss, some rather bring new ingredients to the game to supply our skin with enough tools to build up a good defense mechanism. And that, my friends, is when roses take the lead. 

Ahhh, roses. 

So pretty to look at, so nice to smell at. Such a nice addition to your skincare routine! Roses have had a seat on the beauty realm for ages now, and it is not surprising at all! 

These pretty, silky flowers grant our skin with so many benefits: rose oil and rose water are both packed with antioxidants, which particularly help strengthen skin cells. This in turn can help regenerate skin tissues as they are especially beneficial for dry skin types due to their extremely moisturizing properties that help soothe itchiness. 

But that's not it! Roses are filled with Vitamin A and C, which together help fight against early aging signs, reduce the look of age spots on the skin, and aid with collagen production. Redness soother, oil balance benefits... we can truly talk about how great roses are for AGES!

But not all roses benefit our skin the same way, and experts behind our labs found a specific variety that caught their attention: the Damask Rose. Powerful fragrant and owners of a full thick body, the Damask Roses are used to make rose water, essential oils, and even food flavoring. The super gentle astringent rose water is used as a skin toner for dry and mature skin features anti-aging, moisturizing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects. Yep, it's THAT good, and that's why it became a part of the Neogen family in the form of the brand new Hyal Glow Rose Essence. 

This essence is formulated with 3 different extracts from Damask Rose, and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid. It is truly what sensitive, dehydrated-prone skin dreams are made of. Damask rose water, Damask rose extract and Damask rose oil are combined together to boost hydration levels and reduce dryness on your skin to keep the moisture locked-in. 

Now, how do you add it to your routine? While it's technically an essence, its texture is so lightweight and fresh, some people would rather use it as a first essence, aka, before their toner. But it's really up to you and how you'd like for it to work on your skin. A little tip from us? Go for two layers apply once all over your skin with your hands and then just for a second round. No need to wait up fro the first layer to absorb before going for the second one. 

Does it sound like your skin is screaming "I-NEED-THIS" right now? Thought so! 

Let us know in the comments below how the Hyal Glow Rose Essence is healing your skin through weather transition!