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Exfoliation + Cica: The best of both worlds is in these Pads

Exfoliation + Cica: The best of both worlds is in these Pads

By Carolina Malis


To be completely honest I haven't been able to exfoliate much this month. Because of some circumstances I won't go into detail about right now I didn't have much access to my skincare for the past 30 days and while it was a hard challenge there's a few things I was able to discover and learn about, one of them being: Oh boy, exfoliation is even more important than I thought it was - and let me tell you I already knew it was super important.

During this exfoliation-free month my skin not only got duller but my pores are now the size of Russia and there's all these breakouts showing up every day, an issue I'd already gotten rid of in the past. I started wondering what was it. Was it my cleanser? Maybe the weather transition? The wind? Pollution? Nope, none of them. The reason was the lack of exfoliation.

First off - and answering a question I get A LOT - Who needs to exfoliate? Everyone! Our skin is constantly turning over which produces new cells at the dermis level. These are sent up to replace dead skin cells on the upper layer of our skin but while we age this process kinda slows down. Those cells begin to gather unevenly on the skin's surface which can lead to dry patches, enlarged pores and dull complexion, and here's when exfoliation becomes such an important thing to do: through exfoliation we can help remove the dead skin cells which reveals fresher, younger cells below and restores skin's natural clarity and brightness.

 Best Real Cica Pad

Now, every skin is different and so not every kind of exfoliator works for all of us. My skin is very sensitive, acne prone and tends to get red easily so I usually go for either chemical exfoliators or very gentle physical ones. One of my absolute favorites for this season are the Neogen Real Cica Pads. I've already told you in the past that I'm obsessed with their cleansing line and the exfoliating pads live up to the legend.

 Real Cica Pad review

Neogen Real Cica Pad review

Highly sensitive skin? Breakouts? Dull complextion? Rosácea? Well, you found your best friend here. These pads come soaked in an formula made with Centella asiatica extract, one of the most popular skincare ingredients of the year because of its soothing, calming and anti inflammatory effects. It also helps promote collagen production which will help your skin barrier become stronger and more even - ideal for fall! Another star ingredient in these is hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates the skin for a long time.

Neogen Real Cica Pad review

Neogen Real Cica Pad review 

One of the greatest things about these pads is the fact that you can use them every single day. While with other exfoliators you have to stick to 2-3 days a week these ones are safe and gentle enough so you can actually use them on your daily routine. Just like any other pad, right after cleansing take one pad out and gently smooth over your face with the embossed side, and that's it! After that just throw the pad out and tap in the remaining essence on your skin for better absorption.

To be honest I just can't live without these now that I've tried them, specially with Fall being here already and my skin getting all kinds of freaked out in the process. What's your favorite kind of exfoliator? Let us know in the comments!

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