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Exfoliation 2-in-1 with these Green Tea Gauze Pads

Exfoliation 2-in-1 with these Green Tea Gauze Pads 

By Carolina Malis


There's a memory that comes to my mind on the regular when I think about exfoliation: a 10-year old me opening a jar of certain famous apricot scrub and using it all over my body - yes, face included - every single day. If I was in front of that 10-year old right now I'd shake my head and tell her she's gonna regret it one day.


Is just that exfoliation is a mystery when you're growing up. You're told you need to do it but no one really takes the time to explain why or how, so of course scrubs sound like the perfect solution, but there's so many more - and nicer - ways to exfoliation in this world, so the moment I learned about them I started sharing with those who may have had been struggling with it too.


If you're into skin care you may know there's two kinds of exfoliation: physical and chemical. Both take care of getting rid of those nasty things trapped inside your pores but they do it in different ways. Physical exfoliation on its side uses textured materials (pads, grains, brushes, etc) to remove what's clogging your pores and dead skin cells, while chemical exfoliants remove these with the use of chemicals - duh - which not only will unclog your pores but will also add some brightening effects to your skin! These chemicals are usually known as AHA, BHA and PHA, all of them working in a different way on the skin and getting the work done deep down the dermis.


So now you must be wondering: "Which ones is better for me?" Well, both are really great ways to keep your skin healthy and clean, but for those with sensitive skin types is better to stay away from scrubs. Thankfully Neogen came up with a product that does both in one step: The Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea, a gentle yet powerful peeling system that uses exfoliation pads soaked in green tea serum to remove dead skin cells, cleanse and purify your skin in one swipe. The patented 3-layer 100% cotton gauze pads deliver smoother skin texture while the serum works deep into the pores to remove everything trapped inside. Cool, right?


If you ask me, I think these ones in particular are perfect for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin as they're not only soothing but can also fight acne and inflammation. The green tea extract contained in them helps brighten up the skin while you get the chemical exfoliation effects from tea tree oil. Best part is how easy they are to use. You take one pad and slip your fingers inside the pouch, with the gauze side facing down. Then gently swipe the pad all around your face and neck for about 1 minute. After that go ahead and flip the pad and you'll see the soft, quilted side, which you'll now swipe all around your face again in order to get rid of any traces of makeup, and anything the gauze side may have removed.  Finally - and very important - rinse off your face with lukewarm water!


Since I implemented these pads to my routine I've seen an overall change on my skin's texture. I don't see those annoying little bumps aymore on my forehead and less blackheads forming on my nasal area. Believe me, ater trying these for the first time your skin will look so bright and smooth you'll fall in love with them immediately, and they'll become your skin's best friend forever.