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Black Volume Cream - The Moisturizer Your Skin Is Crying For

Black Volume Cream

- The Moisturizer Your Skin Is Crying For 


By Carolina Malis



Anti-oxidants help fight the cell damages that naturally occur from oxidation, which eventually turn into free radicals.  Free radicals eventually start a chain reaction of damages to more cells which affect both our body and skin health.  Although you can find antioxidants in a variety of different natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables, some of them further flaunt higher levels and powerful antioxidant content.

According to research, purple-blue-red-orange spectrum fruits showed the highest amounts of antioxidants.  And especially purple and blue fruits and vegetables are known for their exceptionally high contents of this incredible ingredient. 

Anthocyanins are antioxidants found in blue and purple natural ingredients and vegetables which also is what produces the deep blue and purple pigment in fruits like blueberries, blackberries, black sesame, and etc. 

When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, the research is clear: Antioxidants are essential, and the more you apply to skin, the better! Just like your diet needs a mix of healthy beneficial nutrients, so does your skin. Skin is the largest organ of your body, so nourishing its surface with beneficial ingredients, like antioxidants, is important.

Antioxidants not only help combat the elements responsible for the visible signs of aging, but also can calm skin, help reveal a more youthful appearance, and revitalize dull-looking skin.

We're often asked what are the best antioxidants for skin. In reality, there are dozens of phenomenally effective antioxidants, and we use them with gusto in Neogen’s Skincare products. Despite the seemingly endless array of good antioxidants, there are a few that really stand out. Each has an outstanding performance record when it comes to taking the best care of your skin—and knowing which ones to look for can make shopping for great skin care a lot easier!




The Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream uses this as the formula foundation to pack an impressive 49 anthocyanins black natural ingredients to deliver a powerful punch of antioxidant benefits to the skin.

Delivery of powerful antioxidants are reinforced with combined delivery of an absolute moisturizing system that results in a 3-step complete volumizing, moisturizing, and wrinkle-fighting solution that delivers plump, glowing and hydrated skin for up to 50hrs upon application.

Add your daily dose of antioxidants in your everyday skin regiment through Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream.  Feel the youthful, glowing skin transformation with the Black Volume Cream and help minimize and prevent damages through the powerful punch of antioxidant benefits with every use!