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All Greens! These are Green Tea Products that’ll change your skin

All Greens! These are Green Tea Products that’ll change your skin

By Carolina Malis 

Ok… now it maybe feels more like spring, am I right? Daylight savings definitely brings a whole new spark to our days and with it we finally feel warmer times getting closer. I can already picture in my head all the plans and new adventures I wanna jump into during the new season: from fun holidays to road trips and takeaways, new season means new possibilities to explore the world.

One of those holidays is approaching very quickly in fact. I’m talking about St. Patrick’s day! While it’s not of my particular liking to jump from bar to bar - no shaming those who do though - I do enjoy how fun, sparkly and vibrant the city feels while on it. And being that green is the color of the weekend, I’m gonna share with you some of my absolute favorite Green Tea products to keep by your side all season long.


Green Tea Real Fresh Foam Cleanser

My definite go to especially when I’m feeling a little sensitive. This cleansing foam - with a pH of 8 for those who keep count - is so unique I can testify I’ve never tried anything quite like it. Specially amazing for those with combo, acne-prone and oily complexions, this foamy piece of heaven is formulated with fermented green tea extract (you can actually see the tea leaves floating in the bottom of the bottle) which not only calms down irritated or stressed skin but also deeply hydrates and brightens dull skin. 

Best thing about this foam is how it removes both impurities and toxins such as sweat, dirt and waste from skin in a super gentle way and without stripping my skin from its natural oils, thanks to the low friction it causes.



Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea

Just… wow. If I’m obsessed with a beauty product it has to be all of Neogen’s peel pads, but the green tea one holds a special spot in my heart. While none of them are irritating or too harsh, the green tea one is my go-to whenever my skin is acting up on me - which is a lot of the time to be honest. These 30 single-use exfoliating pads help exfoliate the skin by getting rid of impurities, dead skin cells, waste and toxins trapped deep down in our pores, leaving skin feeling and looking smoother and clearer.


The 3 layer pad technology Neogen implements on these helps remove everything our regular cleansers can’t, and that my friends is a great perk. Now, why Green Tea is a good choice? It’s not only a super powerful antioxidant but it also helps calm down inflammation, irritation and even acne.



Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick

Ok, if you haven't tried this one or are not familiar with it get ready for the ride of your life. This cleansing stick is both powerful and effective. Ideal for those who travel a lot, this all-in-one clelanser is fomulated with 13 - yes, you read that right, thirteen - natural oils which together easily breakdown makeup and any oily-based waste, and 100% natural green tea leaves to help exfoliate your skin so it looks clearer and brighter.

While I prefer to always do my double cleanse at night time, for those days I wanna cut short I tend to go for this godsend in order to have a short yet effective skincare routine.