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A Cica moisturizer is what your skin was waiting for

A Cica moisturizer is what your skin was waiting for

By Carolina Malis

In the past I used to think my only skin problem was acne. I mean… it’s what I saw all over my face so I thought that was the battle I had to fight, but there’s so much more to acne than just pimples… dehydration, eating habits, lifestyle, hormones and so much more can contribute to it, so it makes total sense that nothing changed until I actually started trying to fix those side issues too.

Thing is at the end of the day what you want for your skin is to be calm and away from inflammation, that way you’ll build a foundation for your skin to learn how to heal itself and stay healthy. At that point of my life I also discovered the big secret to clear skin was not behind super astringent, alcohol-filled cleansers or toners or going to sleep with toothpaste on my pimples, but more about integrating certain ingredients to my routine that were not only gonna fight acne but also set a nice skin-environment so acne would disappear forever, never coming back (which is basically what we all - acne suffers - pray for everyday.


But where to start? What are those ingredients? The first ones I discovered were Green Tea, Tea Tree Leave and calendula, but it wasn’t until I found about Cica that I finally came full circle. In a few words, Centella Asiatica, AKA Cica is a magical herb. Period. Well.. in a few more words Cica is a super powerful medicine that’s been used for thousands, of thousands, of thousands of years across all Asia. It’s protective, it’s anti-inflammatory, it creates a protective barrier around the skin, it increases skin’s hydration, it prevents moisture loss, it calms down irritated skin… it does it all and more.

Re:p PhytoCELL Cell Revival Cica Cream Cruelty free moisturizer Cica Cream

Now, RE:P is not only known for their amazing (and animal friendly) formulas but also for their super gentle products that suit even the most sensitive of skins. That’s why it’s not much of a surprise that they came out with this piece on magic. The PhytoCELL Cell Revival Cica Cream is kind of like… that good piece of advice you were always expecting from your dermatologist… but in a tube. This cream harnesses the power of four - yes, I said FOUR - centella asiatica-derived ingredients such as madecassoside and madecassic acid which are not only super calming and soothing but also decrease inflammation, irritation and redness, so basically a must have for anyone with sensitive skin…. or only skin.

There’s also edelweiss extract and hydrating panthenol which not only keep skin hydrated but also soft and smooth.

 Re:p PhytoCELL Cell Revival Cica Cream

Re:p Cica Cream

Have to admit that one of the things I like the most about this cream is how fast it absorbs event when it's not the most lightweight formula. It spreads easily, it doesn't leave a sticky layer behind and it feels kinda cooling in a way. I like to use it especially when I get breakouts or simply when my skin feels tired and dry. 

Constantly people ask me why I like K-Beauty more than western beauty, and my answer is always the same: I like the approach K-Beauty has to skin. It's not about fixing problems but about preventing them, and that simple way of thinking can change your skin completely. I feel like this cream fits that concept to perfection: this cream is formulated to reinforce the skin's natural strength so it is able to protect itself, meaning the cream is not gonna take acne away by art of magic, but it's gonna let you maintain a healthy complexion so acne doesn't even think about showing up. The actual dream, right?