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visible pores!

Goodbye visible pores! This serum will deliver smoother,  younger looking skin in seconds


By Carolina Malis 


We all have them, we all want them gone, but let's be real from the very beginning: we're gonna have to deal with pores for the rest of our lives because they're part of our skin and contribute to its health. Period. Thing is, the problem with pores is not their existence, but how if we don't take proper care of them they cant turn into our skin's worst nightmare. Maintaining our pores clean is the only way to keep them away from collecting all the bad stuff that causes blackheads, pimples and all those annoying little things that can form on top of our skin.

Dirt and oil on our face collects around our pores to the point they can get clogged, and that's when you're in trouble. Oils, dead skin cells, dust and toxins pile-up in the follicle and it's matter of time for bacteria to make their way to the blockage, and once bacteria starts growing, inflammation (aka, pimples and blackheads) are ready to be born, and then the nightmare starts. I know, I know… it's almost like the description of a horror movie.




Our pores are the way they are depending on our DNA, meaning there's no way to permanently shrink them, but thankfully there is something we can do and some products we can use in order to make them looks smaller. Don't get me wrong. I still stand by the "there's no smooth skin without exfoliation" motto, but there's some products that can help diminish our pores appearance. For the past week I've been trying Neogen's Pore Tight Refreshing Serum, a super fresh and almost cooling serum that not only refines and tightens the skin and by consequence pores, but also hydrates skin like crazy. It comes out of the bottle as a white, milky formula, kind of like a mix between a serum and a moisturizer.

One of the things that caught my attention the most was how fast it absorbs. When I've tried other Pore Refining products in the past I tend to find myself waiting for the product to absorb, but with this serum it was only seconds after I applied that my skin absorbed the whole thing.


Now, what's in it? There's 9 marine and botanical extracts contained in the formula such as brown sea vegetable, red algae, seaweed, green algae and brown algae extract. All these together hel skin look smoother and firmer, which gives you kind of like a younger look. Skin looks plump and renovated after applying, which not a lot of serums can accomplish in matter of minutes.

Also, It's not one of the benefits the brand promotes, but for me it also works as a calming serum. I had an allergic reaction to another product last week and this serum helps my skin calm down and dimmed down redness, so an extra point for that.


Another thing I noticed is that whenever I use this serum my makeup turns out looking more matte than usual. I'm more of a dewy makeup kind of person, so whenever I use this serum I have to either go for a very rich moisturizer afterwards, or apply a layer of a light oil all over my skin before makeup (but this is only because of my personal taste). 

I would definitely recommend this to those who, just like me, struggle to make their pores look smaller. Personally my biggest trouble-spot is my nose, but whenever I use this serum I can tell how it looks smoother and brighter even without makeup on.


Don't believe me? Give it a try yourself! You can find it right now at

Let me know how it works for you!