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Russia's Shop&Show
Black Volume Cream Launch

Shop&Show is one of Russia's top shopping channels which you can watch live streaming of ongoing sales both through website as well as on TV.  It offers a variety of merchandise from fashion, beauty, home, electronics, accessories, and more for Russian consumers to shop quality brands and products.  

Generally in most countries, the home shopping market has a reputation of being a selective market due to the high competition and pickier customer demographics(usually women +30 who are looking for quality and integrity products that are still trendy).  So as a beauty brand, the acceptance into the home shopping market in any country could also be regarded as a great achievement.

Just as it did in South Korea, the Neogen Code9 Black Volume Cream once again caught the attention of the Russian home shopping market and will be featured in a sale that will go live at 6PM Korea time.


Just enter the main page and click on the TV icon to start streaming the show live at 6PM!


So tune in tonight July 18th @6PM Korea time to watch the live streaming of the Black Volume Cream sale on Shop&!  If you missed the 6PM show, don't worry as the sale will go live again at 9PM, 12AM, 2AM Korea time following the first 6PM live show!