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Meet Neogen
BuzzFeed A*Pop K*Beauty Fair

As many know, BuzzFeed is an online platform that delivers various trending news for all types of categories from politics to even beauty, fashion, and entertainment.  While it delivers pretty much all the necessary updated news on every category like any traditional news publication, the difference is that it packages the delivery of the news via online technology that is more accessible and appealing for the modern-day lifestyles.

But what is especially appealing about BuzzFeed is the incredible amount of community engagement from the readers.  For every article/subject matter that is posted on BuzzFeed, there is an impressive amount of engagement from the BuzzFeed community members who actively share and exchange their comments on the article or subject.The BuzzFeed platform has become not only a method to stay updated and informed on what's going on around you, but a source of communication for community members to converse and express their views with fellow community members that are from all over the globe.  By bringing the media platform online, it has created a space without the limits of accessibility due to the reader or member's physical geographical location.

The beauty category tends to be a particularly popular category among the various news categories provided on their online publication platform.  K-beauty has recently been a specifically hot topic within the beauty category due to the creative product innovations and beauty trends coming out of South Korea.



In response to the exploding demand for the latest scoops on K-beauty, BuzzFeed has decided to throw their first K-beauty Fair to further introduce and educate various K-beauty brands to their writers.  And of course, Neogen was invited and will be introducing all the Neogen brands global best sellers to the BuzzFeed team in their NYC HQ!