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HSN Beauty Spy 6/22@12PM EST
Shop Neogen Code9

One of America's largest home shopping networks in over 96 million American households, HSN was originally founded as the Home Shopping Club in 1982 before the changed their name to the Home Shopping Network(HSN) in 1985. Since then, HSN has been rapidly growing to eventually become one of top 2 largest home shopping channels in America.

And this Thursday, June 22nd, you will be able to turn on your tv to HSN and shop the Neogen Code9 Gold Black Caviar & Gold Tox Tightening Pack @12 PM EST as the featured product in the Beauty Spy!  In response to their growing beauty business and the increasing demand for the latest beauty trends and innovations fueled heavily by the currently booming global K-Beauty trend; HSN has just launched a new monthly program segment called Beauty Spy.  Beauty Spy features new, emerging and exotic beauty trends from all across the globe to the U.S., where customers will have access to shop all the latest beauty brands and products.

To many of those who are already familiar with a lot of K-Beauty brands and the home shopping market of South Korea, the launch of the Neogen Code9 brand at HSN might not come as a surprise.  Neogen Code9 has an impressive repertoire in the Korean home shopping market as a brand with products that hold numerous, consecutive sold-out records in all of the major Korean home shopping channels.  This type of achievement is especially remarkable as the Korean home shopping network is also well-known for their strict standardized protocols for clinical tests, quality and customer satisfaction.

Now all the U.S. consumers will get a chance to shop the Neogen Code9 Gold Black Caviar & Gold Tox Tightening Pack product this Thursday, June 22nd at 12PM EST on HSN's Beauty Spy and experience what won over the hearts of all the major home shopping networks of South Korea!