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How to Skinmalism in 2021

By: Carolina Malis

We saw it coming in 2020; the world finally realized there’s no such thing as “perfect skin”, and what for years we thought was perfect, had a lot of photoshop involved most of the time.

Along this realization comes a new way of treating our skin, which involves being more aware of the products and ingredients we use and living with the fact that skin texture is normal, and we just can’t get rid of it overnight. This new approach to skincare is more on the minimal/sustainable/effortless side of things, the reason why it was labeled as Skinmalism.

This new skincare wave has people looking for new purposes when buying products. The final goal is naturally glowing skin, natural everyday makeup, and simple yet effective skincare routines. In a way, this trend is bringing reality back to skincare by focusing on your skin’s overall health and embracing it just the way it is.

Wondering what you can do to skinmalism up your routine? Here are some tips!

Don’t rush! 

There are many approaches to skinmalism and there’s no try them all at once. You can give your skincare routine a break for a few days, go for multipurpose formulas, or simply reduce the number of skincare steps.

Repeat after us, “there’s no such thing as perfect skin”

One of the main reasons people overload on skincare is trying to find the formula that’s going to “fix” their skin. But texture, breakouts, dark spots, wrinkles, and pores are real and part of our skin! So instead of thinking about fixing your skin, pursue a natural look, and instead of focusing on multiple issues, determine what your primary concerns are and focus on addressing them. Pay attention to the signs your skin is giving you and give it what it needs in order to stay healthy.

Learn about your own skin

Only you know your skin, and what works for other people will not necessarily work for your as well, so in order to build a skincare routine catered to your needs you first need to be aware of your skin type, skin struggles, allergies, or any kind of sensitivity that could boycott your efforts.

Find a professional you trust

Skincare can be difficult to understand, there's just so much information out there! Because of this, you should find either a dermatologist or an esthetician to help you out throughout this journey.

Go back to the basics

Before deep-diving into the big ocean of skincare categories in the market, make sure you have your bases covered: Cleansing, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. That’s all you need to get started!