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How to Knit Mask Like A Pro
with Carolina Malis


Carolina Malis is a beauty blogger and writer based in NYC.  She has a strong and loyal following in the beauty community and she is especially savvy with k-beauty.  Just a couple months ago, I met up with Carolina for lunch and she was expressing how she is dying to get her hands on the Neogen Dermalogy Knit Masks.  So what are friends for? 


I pulled some strings and got her hands on the Neogen Dermalogy Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask sample!  And a week later, we all got to see how happy she was with her first knit mask experience!



You might know Carolina Malis through her beauty articles for Nylon and Obsessee.  But there are also many who recognize her for the super entertaining and ridiculously cute beauty videos she posts on her instagram @caromalis.  In her videos, she often demonstrates skincare products and it is always a huge viral hit due to her engaging and entertaining facial expressions that viewers can't get enough of. 



Join @caromalis on the knit mask experience and we encourage you to also show us your best expressions of excitement as you demonstrate your knit mask experience!

I had the biggest FOMO about this mask and I finally got to try it! I got the Pink Cactus Liftmax Knit Mask by @neogen_us (For skin vitality & elasticity reinforcement) and let me tell you: this is good stuff. 🎋I have to admit the first time I heard about it I imagined a sweater for your face 🙄 no?... just me? Aaaaanyway... 🎋The mask is really thick and heavy (100% pure knitted cotton soaked in lots of essence. 60ml to be exact) and covers both face and neck. Even though I had it on for the 20 minutes they recommend it could easily stay on for another 20 minutes without drying out. 🎋One of the main active ingredients on this mask is Prickly Pear Seed Oil, which is super duper hydrating and anti-aging (plus it restores elasticity ☝🏼 so BINGO!) 🎋Even after taking the mask off, so much of the serum was left on my skin that it actually took some time to get everything absorbed, but once it did my skin was so moist and dewy + less dull! I feel like is a perfect mask for winter time. 🎋Thanks soooo much @neogen_us and @lorallure for making my dream come true by letting me try this mask!Now I can keep sheetmasking in peace 😌

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