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Pore-ect Summer
Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser

It doesn’t matter how dry or oily your skin is, there is a concern we all women have: PORES. The ugly truth is that as we age, our pores enlarge and they are more prone to fill with dirt, dust from the environment or makeup residue. YIKES. 

There are two things we can do:

  • Let mother nature take it’s course and apply thick layers of foundation that will only make your pores bigger and bigger but… who cares? You are using makeup and fooling everyone around you with your porcelain, pore less looking skin.
  • TAKE ACTION. Try Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser and go from big, dirty pores to sexy looking skin (Without fooling anyone!) as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Still not convinced that option 2 is the way to go? I’ll tell you what makes Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser so amazing:

 First of all, the main ingredient in this product is Canadian Glacial Soil. Glacial Soil has long been used for skincare and wound care treatments. Nowadays, is widely used in face and body masks in the most luxurious spas.

The mask also contains Carbonic Acid Capsule, which is a fantastic ingredient for clearing pores. The tiny bubbles of carbonic acid shakes the pores so effectively that it removes the waste out of them.

What will you get from using Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser?

  • Smaller pores
  • Less blackheads
  • Lifted skin
  • Reduced sebum (Cause of acne)
  • Reduced excess oil in skin
  • Decreased skin temperature
  • Improved Skin texture


  • A bunch of compliments ;)

Our prayers for healthy, sexy looking skin were definitely answered with this Neogen Dermalogy Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser!

Thank you Neogen!