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Food & Skincare Interview
A Food Blogger's Perspective

Because the way we nurture our body and skin goes hand in hand to achieve a healthier self, we got the foodie and famous food blogger I’ll_diet_tomorrow to try some of our favorite Neogen Products. At the end of the day, you have to feed your skin with natural, nurturing ingredients the same way you feed your body, right?!  

These are the products she tried (They are all food-related!)

  • Green Tea Stick Cleanser
  • Lemon Bio-Peels
  • White Truffle Oil Knit Masks


Neogen_us: “We are glad you got to try some of our favorite Neogen products. We would love to know if you liked them and how did they address your skin concerns.”

I’ll_Diet_Tomorrow: “I really liked the products. Actually I have been using the Green Tea Cleanser every day, and I am loving it! My skin feels really clean and hydrated after each use. It is also very refreshing. This is the first stick cleanser I’ve tried, and I found it’s so effective and easy to use.

This was the perfect time to use the Lemon Bio-peels and to try out the White Truffle Oil Knit Masks because my skin feels really dry in the winter. These products definitely helped! They were both really refreshing without irritating my skin. I find that a lot of products that clean, exfoliate  or hydrate might also irritate my skin, and these just worked perfectly without any kind of side effects.” 

Neogen_us: “That’s awesome news! At Neogen, many of our products are clinically tested to work as gently as possible with sensitive skin types. How are you incorporating the products into your daily routine?”

I’ll_Diet_Tomorrow: “I’ve been using the Green Tea Cleanser every morning before I apply anything else on my skin. I’ve been using the Lemon bio-peels twice a week and the knit masks twice a month. I just started a couple months ago, but my skin feels softer and smoother” 

Neogen Us: “Would you recommend these products?”

I’ll_Diet_Tomorrow: I definitely would! The Bio-Peels and Knit Masks helped me with the dry skin issue, so I would recommend those two if you are experiencing flaky skin problems. The Green Tea Cleanser feels light and its is very easy to use!

Don't just feed these amazing natural ingredients to your body but also your skin.  Try dining your skin with the amazing benefits of natural ingredients found in the natural Neogen formulas!