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7 fun ways to reuse your skincare packaging

By: Carolina Malis

Let’s face it, we’re all somewhat of skincare addicts from time to time (or all the time…) and while we totally support that way of life over here, we need to be aware our relationship with a skincare product is not over when you finish it, but when you decide what’s gonna happen to that empty jar or bottle afterward.

The industry faces an obstacle on its way to sustainability, as toxic ingredients, waste from items like nail polish and perfume, and large amounts of plastic keep on reining our shelves. The beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year, which makes it the number one contributor to plastic production in the world and offender for plastic waste pollution.

Thankfully, there are some ways to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable beauty market. Recycling is of course one of the better options, but not the only one! Upcycling, AKA finding new uses for your beauty containers won’t only save you money, but the environment too. Looking for some ideas? Here’s a list of some of our favorite skincare-packaging upcycling projects!

  • Turn your jars into plant potsIf after finishing a product you were left with a cute jar, instead of ditching them use them for new plants! Make sure to wash the containers with warm water and soap beforehand so it’s completely clean before moving your plant into its new home. Then simply fill it with potting mix, maybe some moss, and any succulents or flowers you’re into. 

  • Perfume bottles transformed into sasesPerfume bottles tend to be super aesthetics, and it’s always kinda sad when we have to throw them away. So why doing so when you can repurpose them? Wash the bottle with warm water and dish soap, let it dry, and voila! You have a stylish, elegant piece of home décor right there in front of you.

  • Goodbye compact, hello on-the-go jewelry boxSo you finally used up that compact or BB cushion you love, now what? Use it as an on-the-go accessory or jewelry container to store hair pinks, hair elastics, earrings, necklaces, and any other small accessory you wanna bring with you. It’s small enough to carry it around in your bag, plus it comes with a mirror so you can accessorize up your look anytime, anywhere.

  • Make Travel-Sized ContainersSome skincare items come in smaller containers even when full size. Take advantage of these and save them for your next trip! Instead of buying travel sizes every single time you’re on the road or flying somewhere, reuse these containers and fill them up with your skincare faves so they go with you wherever your vacation takes you.

  • Bobby Pins inside Lip Balm Containers

We’ve all struggled with bobby pins and their talent to disappear no matter how much we try not to, but that lip balm you just finished can be the answer to our prayers. Just clean the rests of the balm that can still be attached to the tube, let it dry and use the tube to store your bobby pins and carry them everywhere around!

  • Turn old BB cushions into SPF cushions.

Applying sunscreen over makeup can be hard at times, but here’s a little secret: in your makeup collection, there’s already an answer to how to top up your SPF throughout the day without ruining your makeup efforts: your foundation cushion! Simply wash the sponge that was previously soaked with foundation with cleansing oil and foam, fill out the empty container with your favorite sunscreen, top it with the now clean cushion, and voila! Ready to tap, tap, tap your way to an SPF-full day.

  • Not really into reusing? Then recycle!

If you’re not so convinced about it or simply don’t feel like sending your time transforming packaging into something else, make sure to recycle them!