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Tips and tricks to be confident in your own skin

By: Carolina Malis

We live in an internet-ruled, where social media and our phone take a toll on our everyday life decision, and while some great things have come out thanks to the power social media platforms can offer individuals, it has also distorted the real world with images of perfect bodies, faces, skin, and lifestyles, so sometimes it can be hard to feel confident about what you have or how you look in comparison to social media stars.

Being confident in our own skin can be hard at times, especially when we have access to so many other people we can compare ourselves with. When talking skincare, real skin has been threatened by multiple kinds of filters, photoshopped pictures, and fake skin-perfection goals, but skin is not perfect, is not poreless, and is not spotless. Our skin is different from everyone else’s, meaning no one but you knows what it truly needs to be healthy, or why it’s struggling.

But no matter your skin’s condition, there are some little steps you can take in order to start building up your own shield in order to be comfortable and in charge of how you see yourself, and how to appreciate the skin you’re in.

Build a skincare routine that makes sense for YOU

No matter what the best-seller lists from your favorite beauty stores say, the fact that a product worked wonders for many, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. Instead of following trends or buying every single new product out there, learn to listen to your skin, read its signs and find what you need to provide it with in order to keep it healthy.

Don’t cover it up

Get used to your skin au naturel! Instead of covering up every inch of your skin with foundation to hide what you consider your flaws, get used to seeing your skin in its natural form. Instead of hiding, enhance those areas of your skin you like the most, focus on those and you’ll notice you start falling in love with how you look like without the need for makeup.

Learn about skincare ingredients

Knowledge is power. That Instagram skincare guru you follow can recommend amazing products and swear they’re the best thing they’ve tried in their life, but before jumping into it and buying the products for yourself, learn about the ingredients that work and don’t work for your skin, so when choosing new products you can use the ingredients list as a guide to figure out if that formula is meant for you or not.

Unfollow people who make you feel bad about your skin

We all follow hundreds of people that live the lives we want to live, wear the clothes we want to wear or have the complexion we want to have, but there’s a line where seeing these people and their lives regularly only reminds us of that unattainable goal, so we end up feeling worse about ourselves than we already did. If that’s your case, consider muting or unfollowing these people for a couple of days, weeks, or even months in order to not compare your skin with theirs on a regular basis.

Healthy doesn’t mean perfect

Repeat after me: My skin doesn’t need to be perfect to be healthy. Your skin may be hydrated, plump, glowy, strong, firm, and overall healthy while also having dark spots, acne, inflammation, rosacea, or any other skin conditions. There’s no such thing as perfect skin, and there are some struggles that take longer to manage than others, so remember your skin is not necessarily unhealthy if it doesn’t look flawless.