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Coco-Nuts for NEOGEN
The Benefits of Magical Ingredient,
Coconut Milk

Whenever I feel stressed or just tired from the cold NYC weather, I picture myself somewhere in the Caribbean, laying on the beach and sipping a coconut. Since I was little I loved coconut not only because of its flavor and fruity smell, but because of its hydrating, refreshing and nourishing benefits. When I joined Neogen, I discovered that not only your body, but your skin can enjoy those benefits, too!

The Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Cleanser is a great way to provide your skin with all the benefits coconut milk has to offer and at the same time enjoy an easy cleansing routine that works to clean and remove even the most stubborn makeup. Some of these amazing benefits are:
1) Coconut Milk is packed with vitamin C, Iron, Selenium, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus.
2) Coconut Milk contains natural antibacterial properties. The fats in coconut milk do not clog pores, thereby preventing acne.
3) Coconut Milk by itself can also be used as a natural face scrub for gentle exfoliation.
There is no doubt on why Neogen decided to use this magical ingredient and combine it with their best-in-class patented technology to come up with this fabulous cleanser. The result? Clear skin, clean pores and reduced impurities and dust particles.   

Yes, the benefits of Coconut milk by itself are awesome, but there is much, much more to love about the Neogen Coconut Milk Pure Mild Clenaser:
  • It feels light on your skin. Unlike other cleansers, it’s texture is light and becomes soapy when you rub it against your skin. This formula makes it easier to penetrate the pores and get rid of impurities, leaving your skin silky smooth and soft
  • You can smell the coconut, but not too much. Neogen gets us. Sometimes we are all about strong scents, but when it comes to a product we use everyday (Maybe even twice the same day) we would rather keep the scent lighter.
  • It’s been clinically tested and approved as a non-irritant product because of it’s natural formula that leaves out harmful chemicals that may provoke side effects on a sensitive skin.
  • And finally my favorite part about it… It’s one-step formula! Neogen understands it can be tiring to apply hundreds of products on your skin to get it clean and hydrated. That’s why they created this cleanser. You just put it on, rinse it off, and voila! Clean, hydrated, sexy-looking skin :)
 I’m pretty sure you don’t get tired of that… do you?