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Camel Milk


When we think of camels, we usually relate it to an image of the exotic middle east and their odd humped backs.  Most tend to forget the other interesting things about camels, like how their hairs are one of the most useful fibers that could create some of the warmest, softest, and most beautiful winter fashion pieces & how their milk has been used throughout ancient civilizations as an effective beauty ingredient.

For centuries in the middle east, camel milk has been used as an effective natural remedy for skincare.  The use of camel milk in the middle east can even be trailed back to records of Cleopatra's practicing routine camel milk baths to preserve her skin health.

Camel milk also has the closest resemblance to breast milk produced by humans, ideally providing the best combination of essential nutrients the human body needs compared to other animal milks.  Abundant in proteins, alpha hydroxy acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12 and carotene; it has endless benefits that provide excellent moisture, smoothing, wrinkle-fighting, and anti-oxidant properties to the skin.  


The antibodies found in camel milk protein also help fight off infections and reinforce the body's immune system.  So people who suffer from acne and eczema could especially benefit from using camel milk beauty products as well as in their diet.


Try out some camel milk skincare through our specially curated camel milk series products.  The products have even been featured by the largest beauty shopping network in the middle east and north africa region, citrussTV!:

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